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  • That’s pretty bad that most people don’t believe in themself. You can acheieve any thing you want if you want it bad enough. I’m proof. I finished high school with a 1.44 avg. in 1975, I went back to collage 10 yrs later in nursing, no one believed I would finish, fact is there was a betting line in Vegas, I graduated with a 3.2 avg. I had to work harder than most, I wanted it more than some! How bad do you want to succeed? anything is possible with hard work and belief in yourself!


  • If you feel ‘believing in one’s self’ is over rated you should explain your reasoning, because on further contemplation you will hopefully find something more than pessimism.

  • Belief in oneself is not the only requirement for success, but you certainly won’t attain it if you don’t believe in yourself!

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