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  • Jan – Your “why” is the exact same as mine, and I’m sure countless other baby boomer women. The statistics on the financial state of women in America are terrifying. I received my SS statement a week ago and it made me more determined to work the business, share my story, and look for other women just like me who need to take responsibility for their financial future. Be proud that you are someone who is taking action and can help other women do the same. All the best to you!

    Edie Elting

  • I don’t think it’s wrong to want to be financially independent in old age. This is one of my reasons for doing my business – I don’t want to have to continue working as a nurse when I’m 65 years or older – it’s too physically & mentally stressful. Working in home health nursing, I see many seniors in poor health, on many prescription drugs, and living barely from month to month on their social security checks. I want to be healthy physically & financially. That is why I sell my products and teach others about them. teresa.networkmarketingcentral.com

  • Jan – the results are clear. Your heart reason will be heard by others who are like minded. Get your profile up and get going girl.

  • No one should ever have to apologize for wanting to be financially secure and/or financially independent. When we are not living under the pressure of having to worry about how we’ll pay the bills or IF we’ll be able to pay them, we are more creative and much more of a blessing to those around us.


  • Stating your most compelling “why” will resonate for more people than you can imagine. The raw honesty and passion behind that statement will make an impression on all who hear it, even those who choose not to join you in your venture. Bravo for being so clear !

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