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  • Perhaps the question would be better if it read: Who goes on autoship of $150 a month more easily?

    1. Someone hoping to make money?

    2. A regular customer buying at a discount?

    I believe that autoship is the life blood of our industry; it’s good for the company (as in raw product ordering and manufacturing) and it SHOULD be good for the distributor or customer. What would make autoship good for the customer? A meaningful discount.

    Simple as that – I believe companies would do themselves a big favor if they just created pricing that included retail, wholesale, and a 10% discount for autoship. If your company did that I think the results of the survey (for your company’s products) would show up much different.

    Any company can do this; they need to first determine what is their lowest profitable point that allows then to operate and grow like any realistic company. Call that price ‘autoship’. Add 10% to that price – call that ‘wholesale’, the price the company charges to those that are not showing a commitment to buy month after month. And lastly create a ‘retail’ price that is in line with your products market. Another point that helps keep autoship subscription high is to offer all products at the autoship price if the buyer is subscribed to a monthly autoship program.

  • JC, that is brilliant and oh-so-true!

    In times of a down economy, like now, if you can show someone how to truly benefit through retail and wholesale customers, as well as those who want to build a business and go on autoship, then you have business sewn up, so to speak.

    One of the biggest problems with network marketing is that so many networkers have spent the past 15-20 years telling people that selling and products are NOT a part of our business model; that it is all recruit, recruit, recruit.

    I believe that is the biggest cause of the hoffic attrition rates.

    Shift the “selling” paradigm and shift the business model!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Jackie Ulmer’s MLM BLOG

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