The art of persuasion: old school?


1. to prevail on (a person) to do something, as by advising or urging…

2. to induce to believe by appealing to reason or understanding; convince

Lulu meets a good prospect and thinks:

“How can I get her to see this?”

That’s perhaps the #1 question on most networkers’ minds. But should it be?

Here’s my question: even if you become smooth as silk in the art of persuasion and get people to come into the business or buy your product, how much of a role do your persuasion and urging skills have in the person’s success in the business? Or in their loyalty as a customer?

Many people can persuade anyone to try something at least once, and do. But then what? How much do you have to keep on persuading and urging?

How much do you rely on persuasion in your business? Is it old school? If so, what should replace it?

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Kim Klaver


  • Great question!

    Even though I shunned network marketing for 15 years, when I saw the potential of NuSkin, I signed up on the spot.

    My best downline rep was the same way. I thought she might be a good customer. Instead, she joined the business and is progressing at the speed of light.

    I would rather spend time finding people like me, who see it for what it is and drive forward no matter what.

    — Walter (from Wisconsin)

  • I heard a leader in another NWM Co. say to those listening to her on a Conference Call that her job was to “sort” and not “convince” people. That one thought was so liberating because it allowed me to say “No” first and to look for those who share my intersts and passion. I no longer had to wear myself out trying to overcome objections only to find out that once I had “won” and drug them into my business – I was going to have to continually persuade and convince them to work. No thanks!!!!, Looking forward to hearing everyone else’s thoughts

  • I totally agree with Walter when he says, “I would rather spend the time to find people like me, who see it for what it is and drive forward no matter what.”

    I have found that those people I had to persuade to join my business I then had to persuade to continue to buy products every month and so on. They never stayed long.

    It is hard work to help get someone started in their business and wouldn’t you rather spend that time and hard work on someone that is like you and really deserves your time?… Well I would.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    Ilka ;o)

  • If you have to convince someone to take your product this month, you’ll have to convince them to take it next month. And the month after that. And the month after that.

    The same if you have to convince them to join your business. You then have to convince them to do anything. And then you have to keep convincing them.

    If instead we find people who have a need (or better yet, a want) for our products and our business opportunity, then we don’t have to spend all that time convincing them. Let’s let go of those people who have no interest in what we have.

  • That was one of the things that intrigued me about my company. Nobody encouraged me to sign up. Nobody told me what a wonderful opportunity it was. They only told me what the products did for them and for their animals. When I tried the products, I was sold.

  • Great comments from everyone.
    I agree 100%.Once they have seen
    a presentation about my company,
    I ask them,”Is this opportunity
    for you”?If they say no,I thank
    them for their time and ask for
    referrals.I teach my people this
    mantra real fast..No BEGGING
    people to sign-up!I believe alot
    of people just try and sign-up
    any and everyone just to get the
    fast start bonus, instead of
    trying to put a solid squad
    together for the long haul.


  • That’s it.

    If you’ve persuaded them to join, you’ll have to persuade them to work it… and we all know it is hard work!

    The ones who are in the 95% drop off are probably the ones who someone persuaded. So what’s the point in that?

    I would rather have the people who beg to join… who will succeed regardless of what I do!

    Thanks again Kim



  • I believe you are thinking about this “persuasion” thing from the wrong side of the coin. And in reading your comments (above), they all used the word “convince”.

    You’re right, no one wants to be “convinced” that they need to join you or your company or to do anything in life, for that matter. The “no I’m not…” flag always pops up, when anyone thinks they are being “convinced upon”…

    However, showing the benefits of the product, program, compensation plan, or idea is What needs to happen; and showing that should be up front. If “they” see the benefits right away, they don’t need to be persuaded or convinced or cohursed…into anything, and many of the objections go away.

    Isn’t it our intensions, as parents, that our children go to college? Then isn’t it to our advantage, to show our children the benefits of doing their homework?

    Even simpler would be that if our child wants to go play but has homework to do. It is to our advantage to show the child the benefits of doing homework – they get to go outside…

    When we applied for a J-O-B, didn’t we show the prospective employer the benefits of hiring us by submitting a resume?

    If you look at an info-mercial, the script does no convincing, only showing you the benefits of owning their product. They are also showing you how to use it, and are instructing you on how to buy it…how to have it and all its benefits for yourself. You’re ready to write that check…

    Talking to someone about Network Marketing is no different. If you show them the benefits of your product, program, or compensation plan; that not only gets their interest, but disspells many objections. You will find that you are not convincing anyone anymore. And if they don’t see the benefits, then they’re not motivated.

    I have been listening to Tracy Biller’s Ultimate Success CDs. He is an instructor in Network Marketing, like Kim. He has a series of CDs that are available, and one of them is entitled “Persuasion” It is a great CD and showed me the difference between convincing someone and the gentle art of persuasion. It is all in the way you present yourself verbally. A “new school” way of thinking, right?

    Get this and other training CDs at: They are 30% off the regular price until May 31.

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