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Kim Klaver


  • our industry is like colleges . they talk about all the folks who have gone through their programs and succeeded , not about all the folks who fell by the wayside.
    we are self delusional , not every one can or will put in the effort or time to be a BIG success.
    we miss the point of what 500$ month take home pay means to most folks. how much their life can change and their kids futures.
    instead we push the Wizard appraoch.

  • Well the navy says it, too: SIGN UP & see the world.

    The small print doesn’t even exist… like see the world from the butt end of a rifle….in a high risk confrontation. But, hey, SOME recruits go on to become admirals. Or US Senators.


    I would be encouraged to see the #’s, because that would tell me which companies to AVOID.

    If the payplan is stacked AGAINST the average part-time distributor (97-99% of recruits ?), I would like to know that… as I am a long-term part timer in this industry wanting moderate income to pursue my dreams without worrying about how to pay the mortgage.

    Luckly, I found a good mentoring program that teaches – for free- what to look for in a real opportunity for the AVERAGE part-timer in this business… the single moms working to support their kids, the retired folks who just don’t want to do it on social security alone, and the displaced professionals… like airline pilots, MD’s who are tired of the big mal-practice mess (US) and such and who want to practice wellness, not sickness damage control.

    We also know MANY people join this industry because of the unique personal development most companies and training programs offer… that input alone is often enough for the average distributor…. just to have the opportunity to be around positive people in a positive environment, and have the opportunity to be exposed to positive uplifting thoughts and energies.

    The RUB comes if they are misled that they will make any money…. much less any REAL money.

    See my Chicken Soup For the Network Marketer’s Soul story… which you can read for free online at

    which tells the story of my dream was re-awakened from network marketing. My story here is truly the story of MANY people in this great industry.

    The free mentoring program is at if people want to earn some MONEY in this industry 🙂 – and learn the written as well as unwritten rules that govern how and if anybody will ever or even get paid anything at all.

    Pat Crosby

  • My company puts out a report every month – exactly how many people are at what level in the company, what the highest, lowest and average incomes are at that level, and the average time it takes to get to that level.

  • Assuming that the compensation plan is set up so that the distributor can make a viable income, I think knowing the averages for each stage would be nice, but I really don’t want to know what everyone earns.

    More importantly than what individuals earn, I want to know what the company is going to pay me for retailing and sponsoring people (per person), and how their compensation plan works.

    For me, I want “walk away residual” income with no fluff and then I can figure out that if I have 10 people paying $25 per that is $250. I can then figure what an average retail sale earns me and figure that in to my calculations.

    I would rather know what people in general on average have made in 1 yr, 2yrs, and 3 yrs. in a company than what Jane, Joe, and Bob make. I think it would still not be a good reflection on you and what you will achieve.

    No person is duplicatable and I may move faster or slower than someone else depending on “life issues and determination”.

    Knowing what your neighbor makes isn’t really a reflection on what you will make.

    The one exception is … horror! If no one is really making any money and they are there on hype. Now, I would like to see the little signs. $10, no check, $100, etc.

    Brenda Bunney

  • It seems to me if it was completely transparent, it would be very discouraging to many. However, I feel it would discourage the right ones.

    Someone looking for a challenge would not necessarily be discouraged. Those that know there is no free ride -no easy money. And, those are the ones I want.

    Dave C

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