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Kim Klaver


  • Why wouldn’t I want to tell everyone about saving about 50% on my telecommunication bill each month, and the chance to get paid every time thousands of people like me pay their phone bills? It’s a win-win.

  • Kim,
    I for one have turned people off by trying to share my business with them. I have come to the conclusion that those who are interested will come to you and that is where the internet comes in to play.

  • No — I use “Law of Attraction” and I only provide information on Sunrider products and/or the business if people are looking for what I have. It is so wonderful when it all flows like that. I am always turned off when someone tries to promote their own agenda, when I’m not interested, and I give others that same respect that I expect.
    Diana Walker, Cravings Coach

  • Kim,

    For me I will not share my biz with everyone that I meet.

    Like today I had my lunch and I met an old man sitting opposite me and we talk.

    I found out that he is living out of fund from charity. And he is 69, after a major operation and going for another eye operation.

    This is not the person for my biz opp and also not for my products.

    I make friend with him and wish him good luck.

    I only share biz opp when I find it is the right person.

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