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No sales? Reconsider what you advertise…

No sales? Reconsider what you advertise…

embarassed monkeyShocking news…

1) Nobody who might buy your products really
cares about your company logo, or that your
company has a patent on their product,
or that they’ve been in business 25 years.

Nor does anyone else
care that your company’s ‘on track’ to be the
“next zillion dollar” company.

YOU might care. But others outside of your company don’t. Isn’t that
who you’re trying to win over?  Outsiders?

What buyers of your products and services care about is whether it
solves the problem they want fixed. They care FIRST about – ta da – does it work?
E.g., Can I make money and can YOU help me?

If you’re not focused on what your product or program can do for someone
when you advertise (or ‘share’) it, along with how you can help, you will
likely continue wasting your time, your money, and worst of all, continue
to beat up your (probably already low) self-esteem.

PS Network Marketers typically pitch their company facts to other
NMers but even with an NMer, the first question I’ve always asked is:
does it work? Is it any good? Yet members of the industry mostly continue
leading with their company images and facts about their company…

(business cards, anyone? Email signatures? See what’s in yours…)

Oi vey.

PPS Help, please? Take four question multiple choice survey please?

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