Scary thought: who’s got the best pay plan?

To follow up the Ku Klux Klan post, here’s the scary thought:

What if someone were to do for the NM pay plans what did for term life insurance rates? Compare the different NM company pay plans so all can see and compare, and THEN buy/join?

Pay plans of NM companies are notoriously complex, in part to keep the information in the hands of the few. Why? Because that way the hidden obstacles can be let out of the bag a little at a time, after the new recruit has gotten started.

This is not a good thing, and not necessary.

Yes, you should only open the kimono a little on that first date, but what’s underneath should be real, not false. Falsies are so last century.

The best pay plan

There are two things for which network marketing companies pay reps:

1. Get customers.
2. Get reps (distributors, business builders, whatever the name), who get more customers and more reps.

Let’s start with ONE: Get customers. (Not recruits – JUST customers – like what you are of AOL or your cable TV service – you buy it, but don’t sell it.) We can call it the Customer Pay Chart (CPC).

Why customers first?

Only 1/100 people want to sell anything.

97-99% of the income of established NM companies like NuSkin, Shaklee, Melaleuca or NSA for example, come from their customer orders. 1-3% come from the recruiting sign-ups. (Dead reps are customers too, that is, those who stick with the product after they quit selling.)

Some NM companies won’t even get onto Customer Pay Chart list because they only pay for recruiting. I.e., they don’t accept customers unless those people also sign up as sales reps (!).

Here’s the question the CPC will answer for anyone whose interested in building up a customer base in the NM business:

1. What do I make as a rep (yes I know, it depends on your level, see below) if I bring in a customer who buys $100 worth of stuff? I refer ONLY to FRONT LINE customers.

What’s the pay for…and how do I get it:

1. One time retail order. They pay you: E.g. $0-50% (if applicable, depending on your level).

(Say Level 1 pay requires $x in business volume; level 2 requires $x+ in business vol; level 3 means $x++ in business volume. “Levels” are positions. We’ll use level numbers like this to avoid confusion with all the different names companies have for them, e.g. diamonds, senior directs, etc.

Use level X, as the very highest pay position possible in any company.)

2. Monthly, or regular (auto-ship/preferred customer order): They pay you 0-50%, depending on your level. Tell how much for each level.

3. Monthly maintenance requirements, if any. How much product do you have to buy yourself each month? Any other minimum volume requirements to get paid the percent on the customer order?

4. Any other obstacles/requirements that you must meet in order to get paid what’s being offered.

5. Other requirements your company has to get paid on customer orders?

If such a CPC is built and published, different people will use it differently, depending on their goals.

Here’s how a CPC would fit into my criteria (and how it did) for the 5 businesses I did:

1. First always, pick the product line you love the most to represent.

2. Second, if that company doesn’t value getting just customers, i.e. they don’t pay for customers, then use their products, and find the next best line of products where the company DOES pay you fairly to bring them customers (minimum 10% of the dollar amount of the order. Else why bother? There are easier ways to make the same money..)

3. Don’t let buy-ins scare you if you’re looking to go fast. When I was building my last company, there was a requirement of $5k to get to the higher pay level (30%). Since I knew I wanted to make it a full time effort, I had no problem doing that, and then finding more reps and customers.

However, if you are making your effort part time, and money is tight, you will want to find a pay plan that has lower buy-ins to get some wholesale benefits. And build up to the higher pay levels over time.

Remember in any sales business, the more you sell, the more you make. So if you’re on the leisure track, the trade off is you’ll earn less of a percent, say 10%, but you also don’t have to do the bigger numbers. Fair trade.

It takes sales to make money in our business. And that is never easy. But given our new recruits know that going in, how do those customer pay plans really stack up?

Submit your company’s info below, using the parameters above. If I can find a reader to help, I’ll eventually publish a usable Customer Pay Chart listing. Fun?

No more secrets. Then you can choose…

What’s the “best pay plan” for me?

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  • Hi–I have asked before, but haven’t gotten an answer yet:
    How does YoungLiving compare with other companies?

  • Hi back…

    I don’t know how it compares right now. How about you send over the info requested in this post, and we can compare it. Start with just pay for getting customers, per the post…


  • Ah, the challenge begins, and I don’t mean competition between companies, I mean trying to keep this simple! I’ll be back in the morning, Kim – I need a fresh brain and rested eyes for this. Documenting it is even more challenging than verbalizing it.

  • Yes an interesting idea.. in fact I will be part of a mastermind group just to do some testing like this. I may be able to help with some results of our tests.

    Even though I have been in my primary MLM for many years and don’t plan on moving, I hate to see peopleget into companies that just don’t pay out enough to be worth it.

    Cindy McAsey
    Barefoot in the Garden

  • You’re not going to be appreciated by those “high rollers” who make all their money off of recruiting, Kim, but you’ve hit the basic truth of NM – – customers are what drives our business. And I don’t mean the captive customers of being a rep!!

    Bob Nelson

  • OK here’s the first round of info from Shaklee, which I took down today from top banana Bob Ferguson. Shaklee has a PV system where the company assigns points to products. The point are about 1/3 the dollar cost of the products. I will use the face dollar amount to make it more transparent to everyone else, and easier to compare to other plans. Bob and I just finished this and I think I’ve got the basics correct.

    1. Sign up $20, or $39 (bus binder). Or $299 (with bus kit+product)

    2. If you sign @$19 or $39, and bring in a $150 RETAIL CUSTOMER order: NO PAY for that order. (It counts towards your own volume.)

    3. After $375 personal purchases: get $150 Retail Order(RO);
    get paid $20=13%. THEN…

    Your group RO Pay %

    4. After $750 $150 $24 =16%

    5. After $1500 $150 $28 =19%

    6. After $3000 $150 $41 =27%

    7. After $15k $150 $60 =40%

    You are paid each month depending on your level for that month. So it goes up and down with your wholesale business volume each month.

    Bottom line: Customer profits start after a person does $375 in orders from the company. Then, on a $150 order, they earn $20 – 13% The range is from 13% (of the dollar amount, not PV) to 40%, and they pay 40% after and when you and yuor group do $15k in wholesale business with Shaklee.

    This example has all the jargon and techno-babble removed. This is essentially what one can expect to get paid for bringing in CUSTOMERS. If any Shaklee reps at MC level see any glaring discrepancies, comment below and be specific so we can adjust if necessary.

    NEXT UP??

  • Pharmanex (a division of NuSkin)

    (Judy — feel free to add anything I’ve missed.)

    1) No cost to sign up as a new distributor. Right off the bat, you make about 30-35% on a one-time retail order. Please note, with Pharmanex, most customers sign up on autoship and thus qualify for wholesale prices. So, a new rep won’t be making much money this way.

    2) A new distributor starts getting 6% on customer wholesale orders. This jumps to 12% while qualifying as an Executive Distributor. Qualification starts with $1000 monthly volume (personal and customer) and is completed with $2000 monthly volume. Once an Executive, you make between 15 and 21% on wholesale orders depending on your total volume.

    3) Monthly personal maintenance volume = $100.

    4) No other requirements to get paid on customers, other than maintaining your $2000 monthly volume (which includes personal, customer, and sponsored distributor volume).

    5) Rather than there being obstacles, there are incentives for getting customers. You get bonus pool points for signing up a certain number of new customers on autoship, and it is possible for you to earn approximately 100% of a new customer’s first-month order based on these bonuses. That’s right. It is possible to make 100% of a new customer’s sale for the first month.

    Walter from Appleton, WI
    “I no longer need 80 oz. of Mountain Dew to get through the day”

  • 1. Sign up $50, member kit, no product order needed but obviously you need to be on product to sell the product you love.

    2. If you bring in a retail customer with the $50 sign up you will receive $20 on a $100 product order or 20%.

    3. After personal/group purchases of $500 you would get $25 retail profit on a $100 order or 25%.

    4. After $1500 of personal/group purchases, you would get $30 retail profit on a $100 order or 30%.

    5. After $3000 of personal/group purchases, you would get $40 retail profit on a $100 order or 40%.

    6. After $15k $150 $60 =40%

    You are paid twice each month. There is no minimim business volume each period for retail profits. Once you obtain the $3000 level of personal/group purchases you are locked in for one calendar year. AdvoCare has a nutritional product.

  • Here’s my stab at giving “like-for-like” information for Goldshield Elite.
    1. Sign up $10 (unlimited retail potential; team of up to 30 people) or $25 (business kit, info CD’s etc; unlimited team size).

    2. Sales to customers at retail price – approx 20% profit to you.

    3. Bonuses on retail sales are based on RV; RV varies but is around 60% of retail price in dollars.
    First 200RV (about $330) personal purchases for own use and retail sales to customers – no additional bonus.
    Additional bonus on personal purchases plus retail sales to customers over 200RV depend on total purchases/sales.
    200-399 RV – additional 10% on all sales over 200RV
    400-599 RV – additional 20% on all sales over 200RV
    Over 600RV –additional 30% on all sales over 200RV.

    You are paid each month depending on your level for that month. So it goes up and down with your wholesale business volume each month.

    Bottom line:
    Person earns 20% retail profit on all retail sales (whether placed as direct customer orders with the company, or directed to the customer by the salesperson).
    Additional bonuses start after a person does $330 in orders from the company.
    Then, on $150 retail orders, they earn $9 additional profit plus $30 retail profit.
    On $500 retail orders, they earn $60 additional profit plus $100 retail profit.
    On $1000 retail orders they earn $180 additional profit plus $200 retail profit.

    These figures are not affected by the sales of people in the team –they are purely for personal sales.

  • Kim said, “It takes sales to make money in our business.”

    I have a real problem with MLM companies where the only sales are from distributors, rather than customers. That is why, for the last 15 years of my life, I wanted nothing to do with the MLM industry. My perception was based, though, and a terrible experience of an in-law in a company that had little-to-nothing to offer customers.

    — Walter from Appleton, WI
    “I no longer need 80 oz. of Mountain Dew to get throug the day”

  • Hi Kim,

    I’m not a MC, but a small comment on your Shaklee post above. You said “The point are about 1/3 the dollar cost of the products.” It’s closer to 2/3 and, indeed, that’s what you used in your calculations. Just a typo, I’m sure.


  • Shelagh-

    To make your plan more understandable, please convert RV to US dollars. That is what I did with the Shaklee plan. OK?

    And Tyra – to play, post the summary of your plan like I did for Shaklee…use that format, like Joe Hadacheck did. That’s the idea – to make it EASY for others to see what the companies pay. Plus it’s a good exercise for you.

    I don’t think anyone will go to your site to untangle the pay play. Maybe you can ask an upline to help you…

    Thanks Walter, Bob, Cindy…


  • Here is my plan for Xango
    Sign up fee $35 to get wholesale. Dustomer or Rep.
    $$ = PV thus $100 = 100PV
    Company pays out 50% all the time. Not up to, all the time for every dollar received. This is done through dynamic compression.
    If you find a customer or rep you receive %30 on intial order. Whether $100 or $1,000 paid weekly. Order amounts in $100 increments. This is a fast start bonus for finding customers.
    Residual payplan is %5 or $5 for each level down to 9 levels(level 3 is 10%)
    Your volume determines how many levels you get paid on starting with 2 thus a customer who is not on autoship can get referal fees on 2 levels.

    I comp plan explaination is.
    You get paid one time $30 for finding new customers. You then get paid $5 per person per month they order. You also get paid $5 for your customer referals 9 times over.
    And thats it


  • Thanks Roger.

    Please clarify: for your FIRST LEVEL customers only:

    After you pay the $35 sign up, does Xango pay you, the rep, $50 one time for a $100 customer order you bring in? Or $30? Then after that $5% or $5 per $100 order?

    This is front line customer orders only we’re talking about, not levels of reps. I’m asking what YOU, the rep receives, for the customer order, not what the company pays X levels down, ok?

    And what are your monthly buy requirements to get paid on your customer orders?

    Use the numbers that Xango uses –

    That’s $125, right, for the monthly order the bottles of Xango?


    P.S. Anyone else experienced in Xango is encouraged to reply as well. ONLY front leveel customers for this exercise, not levels. That will come later.

  • Here’s my second stab at giving “like-for-like” information for Goldshield Elite.

    1. Sign up $10 (unlimited retail potential; team of up to 30 people) or $25 (business kit, info CD’s etc; unlimited team size).

    2. Sales to customers at retail price – approx 20% profit on retail price to you.

    3. Bonuses on retail sales are based on RV; RV varies but is around 60% of retail price in dollars.
    First $330 personal purchases for own use and retail sales to customers in a month – no additional bonus.
    Additional bonus on personal purchases plus retail sales to customers over $330 depend on total purchases/sales.
    $330 -$660 – additional 10% of RV on all sales over $330 (total 26% on retail price)
    $660 – $1000 – additional 20% of RV on all sales over $330 (total 32% on retail price)
    Over $1000 –additional 30% of RV on all sales over $330 (total 38% on retail price)

    You are paid each month depending on your level for that month. So it goes up and down with your total personal retail volume each month.

    Bottom line:
    Person earns 20% retail profit on all retail sales (whether placed as direct customer orders with the company, or directed to the customer by the salesperson).
    Additional bonuses start after a person does $330 in orders from the company.
    Then, on $150 retail orders, they earn $9 additional profit plus $30 retail profit (total 26%)
    On $500 retail orders, they earn $60 additional profit plus $100 retail profit (total 32%)
    On $1000 retail orders they earn $180 additional profit plus $200 retail profit (total 38%)

    These figures are not affected by the sales of people in the team ie your overall business volume – they apply purely to personal sales.

  • Nu Skin/Pharmanex.Photomax/Nourish The Children, aka NSE:
    A few basics relative to customers only:

    Retail sales (non Auto-Delivery Rewards (ADR) monthly or bi-monthly orders) – 25% markup for Pharmanex, 30% for Nu Skin – Photomax 1-20% markup on some products (varies greatly, many zero markup)
    Wholesale value = commissionable volume dollar for dollar.

    While we have an “auto-ship” program which allows you to charge retail prices and earn the retail mark up, most monthly customers are paying wholesale (less 5%), same as a rep. There is no minimum order for anyone on Auto-Delivery, and customers can earn free product credits ($30 worth) for referring another ADR customer of $50 or more, and they (like reps) also earn 10-30% in free product credits on ADR shipments. It’s a great deal for customers. I included this cause it’s what I suggest for someone who isn’t sure about the business – it’s a better deal for them (60%).

    You need $100 in personal volume in a month to get a check. Retail customer volume rolls in to this.
    3 levels for payout:
    Distributor – we’ll call them #1
    Qualifying Exec – #2
    Executive – #3
    No requirement to purchase anything to be a distr.- $25 enrollment kit waived with purchase of anything, a product or kit, at sign up. Business kit $250-300 (product and business center). Executive order (4 business kits, $1000 or buy $4500 for executive status the following month.

    So, here’s the summary – what do you make for attracting a customer:
    On a retail Nu Skin or PX customer: You make retail profit (25-30%)only as #1 or #2. (Must have a business center or they deduct 15% of the retail profit). Photomax, when there is retail profit, 1-20% depending on the product). As a #3, you also make commissions of 9-15% as outlined below.

    On a monthly or bi-monthly customer, the real focus here, you make 6-21% depending on your level and your total sales volume for the month as follows:

    #1 makes 6% on all level one customers only
    #2 has sold $1000 or purchased executive order to start qualifying – they make 12% on all level 1 customers only. (They need $1500 in group volume in month 2 and $2000 in group volume in month 3 to make exec and once there, $2000 required to maintain status (one grace month a year and one grace month while qualifying))
    #3 makes the 6% on level one, plus 9-15% on their entire circle group volume (includes their customers, other non-exec reps & their customers – infinite) based on these volumes: $2000-$3000, 9%; $3-4, 10%; $4-5, 11%; $5-10, 12%; $10-25, 13%; $25-50, 14%; over $50,000, 15% – hence the 15-21%.

    There was a bonus pool for acquiring either new customers or reps who got on auto-delivery – minimum of 10 needed for one point in the pool for that month, which was usually worth around $200, maximum points allowed was 2. No longer in effect beginning July 1. A previous post mentioned something about this allowing you to earn 100% on your new customer. That was, I think, based on the fact that each new ADR had to be of $25 or more. Most are for a lot more than that, so that comment was, for me, a no-no. But it’s a mute point – that pool is gone, to allow for some additional monthly incentives to be announced. To this point, these monthly incentives, along with all of the many other incentives, rewards, promotions are for recruiting, especially recruiting people who come in with $1000 and find others to do the same. I hope to post an update one day for some customer acquisition and retention rewards.

  • Xango from Roger Lets try again.
    I revisited the comp plan
    Customer sign up $35
    You get $30 on an intial $100 order if you are on $100 autoship.
    If not on autoship you get $20.
    To get this you must purchase $100 yourself that month.
    Tax and shipping = $120
    $5 each month after that.
    In summary you the rep or customer must purchase $100 to get the commissions.
    Hope that helps

  • Flantech International’s plan lets you earn the highest payout based purely on your own performance, not the performance of your downline. So you don’t get slammed by the dreaded “Double Whammy” when you have a do-nothing downline… a smaller percentage of a smaller group volume.

    It requires NO minimum group volumes to meet qualifications.

    The plan pays 15% of the volume on your first level, 40% on the volume of your second level, then up to 12% (shared) on all levels from your third level down, unless blocked by someone in a leg who qualifies for 12%. Then you earn 3% on three generations of 12% earners.

    For distributors who want to retail, there’s a special Personal Productivity Bonus Program.

    For PERSONAL sales, the computer creates a virtual leg on two levels. All personal volume — whether personal retail, personal consumption or from Preferred Customers (who order direct from the company) — rolls down into this virtual leg as follows:

    The first 100 points (points = 50%-65% of wholesale, depending on individual products) is qualifying volume each month, on which you earn no bonuses.

    The second 100 points rolls down to your first level, paying you 15%.

    Everything after that, without limit, rolls down to your second level, paying you 55%.

    None of this includes your retail profit, which you’re allowed to set for yourself.

    Example: total personal retail sales and personal consumption for the month = 2,000 points.

    First 100 points = qualification: 0 earnings.

    Second 100 points = first level @ 15% = $15.00

    Balance of 1,800 points = second level @ 55% = $990.00

    Bonus earnings on 2,000 points (around $3,300 wholesale) = $1,005.00

    Assumed retail profit (25% mark-up) = $825.00

    TOTAL EARNINGS = $1,830.00

    (This doesn’t include any bonuses earned on your downline volume.)

    A full explanation of this innovative compensation plan is available at:

  • Hi John –

    I’m sure it’s a good plan, but it doesn’t answer the one question posed here – at least I am totally clueless:

    What does the plan pay for customers, customers you get yourself? And what volume is required for that person to do, to get paid whatever percent on JUST customers?

    Like what I did for Shaklee here…Can you do that so the readers can compare? It doesn’t matter about the levels.

    This is about what someone gets paid on an order of say $100 US or whatever number is most common for your company. Regardless of where the plan puts them, what does the person who brings ini the customer orders get? What’s the percent on the dollar amount of the order?

    Don’t use points, way to much work for readers to convert and compare. I did that for Shaklee also, make Bob convert to dollars, otherwise no one knows how to compare. The point system is one reason pay plans are so incomprehensible, because things are not what they seem. I prefer companies that use dollar to dollar, and not dick around with points that are 20-50% less than the dollars customers and recruits have to pay in. But that’s another story.

    So John, please do that we we can rank your company for this pay feature…Customer Pay Chart.



  • That’s what it is, Kim. As I said, it doesn’t include anthing from your downline. Purely your own retailing. So let me break it down as you ask… which is a little articificial in structure, but here’s what it works out to be:

    If you had a total personal retail volume for the month of $3,300 — that’s 33 customers at $100 each — for total earnings of $1,830, less $165 qualification per month on which no bonuses are earned (but you still earn retail commissions on them), that’s

    Personal Retail Income: $1,830
    Less monthly qualification: $165
    Net Personal Retail sales: $1,665
    Averaged over 33 customers @ $100 retail purchase each:
    you earn $50.45 per customer.

    Hope that helps to clarify it.


  • OK that is for 33 customers, which is a lot more than most people have.

    What happens if someone gets ONE customer or two?

    And if the customers go on auto-ship/preferred status, (if that applies) then what does the Rep earn?

    And how much volume does the rep have to do to qualify to earn the $45-50 per customer?

    What if they have say 1-5 customers?

  • On the first TWO customers each month you’d earn $20 retail commission on each (if you marked up by 25%) and no bonuses. Total = $20 per customer.

    On the third and fourth customers each month you’d earn $20 retail commission and $7.50 each in bonuses. Total = $27.50 per customer.

    On all other customers, regardless of how many, you’d earn $20 retail commission plus $35.75 for each customer in bonus income. Total = $55.75 per customer.

    There is no difference between preferred customers and personally-serviced retail customers, unless you choose to forego your retail commissions (your choice).

    Your qualifying volume per month to max out the plan’s highest payout is around $165 (not a typo) in personal volume.

    Like I said, there are NO group volume requirements to create breakage to the company and keep you from earning the highest bonus income.

  • Wow! Even ‘making it simple’ holds challenges!

    I’m with Send Out Cards –

    To qualify for commissions the requirement is:

    $30 in personal volume AND 2 active customers

    Direct retail profits can come from a per/card price that I set. I charge $2.50 and earn $1.80

    Direct sale of an Annual Account Pre-Paid Card retails for $25.00
    I earn $14.51

    Additional points purchased at $0.49 apiece by customer throughout the year pays me $0.18 cents per point retail. Typical monthly Auto Order is 100 pts (or $49.00)monthly on which I’m paid $18.00 monthly.(plus a 5% volume commission)(auto order optional)

    A customer may purchase a System License for $199.00 and receive a system coaching session as well as wholesale pricing of $0.31 per point.(here a 100 point auto order is mandatory) I will receive a $100.00 bonus for the system coaching and also receive the 5% monthly volume commission.

    The above is front line, direct to customer, retail profit of lowest ranking distributor on the payplan.
    (PLUS 5% monthy on all personal volume which includes customer purchases)

  • Hi all, Yves here with LifeWave

    Did you guys see the korean team
    wearing our energy patches at the
    soccer worldcup in Germany?
    They beat Togo 2-1… of course
    we’ll take credit for that….;)

    Anyhow here’s our ‘simple’ pay plan
    based on Web site sales.

    Retail price $89.95 (+ ~$8 s/h)
    Web-Wholesale price: $69.95
    Profit: $20 (= 22% of retail)

    That should answer the first
    question. BUT there is more:

    if a rep (and only reps can do that)
    buy 10 pack he gets them at $64.95.
    I he buys 50 packs he get them at
    $50 a pack.

    So that allows reps to sell out of
    their gym bags or suitcases for
    a huge aditional profit.

    there are no buying requirements
    nor PVs for the retail side of
    the money.

    Please please ask me about the
    PV and the levels…. please…


  • Okay, so here it goes…
    I’m with Usana which has a binary compensation plan which requires you to balance legs.

    And frankly, this little exercise has made me sick to my stomach because while I’m madly in love with my product the comp plan left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Because the company is international they use a point value system that is assigned to products so that a person could sell products around the globe and not have to worry about converting currencies. 1 point is roughly $1.18 US and the average customer (non-distributor) order is around $50. This works out to be about 42 points.

    Now, this is the part that made me sick to my stomach – since the legs have to balance for every customer you place on the right hand side you need another to place on the left hand side. So basically you need 2 customers to get 1 payment….

    In going over my comp plan I realized that all the examples feature volume from distributorships on autoship (about $118/month to stay qualified, mostly from your own consumption though you could do it through customer sales).

    So lets say you have a few customers on both the right and left legs –
    $295 (250 points) on both legs you make $40.
    $590 (500 points) on both legs then you make $100.
    $1180 (1000 points) on both legs you make $200.
    $ 2360 (2000 points) on both legs you make $400
    $3540 (3000 points) on both legs you make $600
    $4720 (4000 points) on both legs you make $800
    $5900 (5000 points) on both legs you make $1000

    If one leg has more value on it, say $300, then the $5 carries forward to the following week. In the event that the legs are uneven, say your right leg has $5900 and your left leg has $1180 on it, you’re paid the lesser amount, in this case $200. The volume from your right leg carries forward so you don’t loose it – you just have to work on bringing up volume on the left hand side.

    Pay is calculated every Friday. This is for one business center. You must purchase or sell a 100 points of product every four weeks to stay active. No commisions are paid on the 100 points.

    In Usana you can have up to three business centers and the chance to earn reentry certificates to add additional business centers to your organization. In order to receive comission on all three business centers you must have 200 points of product for personal consumption (not hard to do) or sell 200 points.

    This is a product I love madly and has a profound effect on my health and I would not hesitate to put anyone on it – in fact I’ve put many people I love on it – however this exercise has made me less than enthusiastic about the comp plan. I’m one of those “nylon women” and see now why the money isn’t there.

    Do you think I need to find a service or product that I feel equally passionate about that has a better comp plan in order to help make ends meet or should I just continue marketing the products and understand that I basically need to get two customers where other folks just need to get one? If anyone else out there is in usana please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Ok, let’s see if I can make sense here.

    An active candle of the month member is on $39.95 monthly auto-ship. We are paid a percentage on the $39.95. ($4) Our average active distributor retails $200 per month in wholesale products.

    Retail Sales – We purchase up to 50% wholesale discount from Scent Sations and make 40-60% cash in our pocket from our retailing efforts.

    We are paid from the company as we recruit members.

    Level 1 – 10% (1 active cotm member)
    Level 2 – 5% (2 active cotm members)
    Level 3 – 5% (3 active cotm members)
    Level 4 – 5% (4 active cotm members)
    Level 5 – 5% (5 active cotm members)
    Level 6 – 10% (5 active cotm members)
    Level 7 – 5% (5 active cotm members + 3 cotm members with 5 cotm members each – C.V. total of $25,000 or more on 6 levels
    Level 8 – 5% (5 active cotm members + 4 cotm members with 5 cotm members each – C.V. total of $40,000 or more on 6 levels

    Make it a great day!


  • Hello…a word on Arbonne. The cost to sign up for a wholesale account is $29, W/$5 shipping. This gets you an immediate 35% discount on the retail cost of our product. With the purchase of $250 of retail value (paying 65%) we get to order another $100 of product for $20, or 80% discount. This is just the amount made for a regular customer order. Then the risidual income kicks in and increases at each management level.

  • This is my stab at the Isagenix pay plan (binary). I will use our 9 day program pack for this example. You have to sign up as an Associate to make any money with Isagenix. Cost to join is either $49.00 (w/out going on autoship) or $35.00 (w/autoship).

    1. One time retail order of the 9 day program through your Web site pays you net: $34.00.

    2. Or, you can buy the 9 day program yourself at wholesale and sell it directly to customers for the same SRP as on the Web site and make $40 minus any shipping charges if they apply.

    3. Purchases through your Web site not only net you the $34.00, but also count as Personal Volume (PV) for you as well. The PV for the 9 day program is 100 points. All PV from customers ordering via your Web site goes to your minor volume leg. All PV in excess of 100 points counts toward your team bonus ($54.00 for every 900 points that must be split 300 left leg / 600 right leg).

    4. In order to qualify for the customer PV you must be an active Associate and have one personal active Associate in each leg (“active” means you are on at least $100 autoship).

    5. You can also make one time product introductory bonuses (PIB) on all our program packs – for the 9 day program it is $10. The PIB ranges from $10 to $100 on other program packs.

  • How about this…VeMMA…the most complete liquid nutritional product available. We have only one product.
    NO membership fee to be a rep.
    $10.00 paid for every $60.00 product sold to a CUSTOMER.
    You can recruit if you want to. And get paid on the binary plan available.
    Jody Winner

  • Sunrider Compensation Plan

    I’ve been a Sunrider Distributor for 10 years, and I have had a check deposited in my bank account on the 20th of every single month for 120 months! My usual check is $4000 or more. Also, now Sunrider has added payments on the 15th and 30th of each month, based purely on customer purchases, and new people we sponsor.

    A Sunrider Club Member pays $30 to receive membership and an immediate 20% discount. A Distributor pays $140 for approx $110 worth of products, plus membership, plus the ability to get paid on whoever they sponsor.
    Both Club Members and Distributors earn a further 20% discount through accumulation of purchases.

    I do have some leaders in my group who I have worked with. However, my emphasis is on customers.

    I have several friends who are earning $3000 to $4000 based purely on the income from customers they have in their Sunrider groups.

    I was just talking with a friend this morning, and we were saying how special Sunrider is, because we are paid so well right from the beginning, on each new customer we look after.

    Starter Pack Bonus is paid twice monthly – for each new personally sponsored Distributors. You earn $30. No purchase required to earn this bonus.

    Club Member Bonus is paid twice a month. 20%

    Consumer Development Bonus
    100 PSV and 500 PGSV – 5% rebate
    100 PSV and 1000 PGSV – 10% rebate
    100 PSV and 1500 PGSV – 15% rebate
    100 PSV and 2000 PGSV – 20% rebate
    100 PSV and 3000 PGSV – 25% rebate
    Consumer Development Bonus, up to 25%

    Director Performance Bonus – 8% of country Sales Volume (my share is usually about $500 monthly)

    Director Super Achievement Bonus – this is a one-time bonus if you develop a new Director approx $1000.

    Profit Sharing Bonus – paid yearly – my check has come in December each year, and can be several thousand $.

    Group Director Auto Home Fund – can be thousands of dollars monthly.

    Leadership Development Bonus – monthly 16% – depending on your Directors’ perforance.

    Retail Sales — you are encouraged to earn 20% or more from your retail sales.

    I am very pleased with both the Sunrider products and the Sunrider compensation plan.

    I must say though, that it is difficult to wrap your head around the percentages and levels – not because Sunrider is trying to hide anything – but just because it is a complex system, but very, very fair, and people at all levels get paid well. Even a brandnew person can earn several hundred dollars monthly, by sponsoring several customers each month.


  • Anonymous Usana:

    When you want to amass a customer base and the company you rep doesn’t pay well for that, one option is always to check out other companies, and become a customer sales rep for one that DOES pay for what you want to do. And stay on as a customer only, with your current product.

    Many NM companies seem to have no idea that there are perhaps only 1/100 people who want to sell anything – they promote like everyone wants to sell. But this is so wrong and everyone finds out soon enough, and quits.

    Most people want to be customers of good stuff, so it’s always easier to start where the people are. Then add reps later, since there are so few available anyway, for ANY kind of sales.

    Jeff – you didn’t give the price of the 9 Day cleanse product.

    Jody – is there any preferred customer program or auto ship? Is the price to the customer the same, then?

    Pauline – if you have a customer who buys say $100 worth of stuff per month, how much do they pay you for that? A frontline customer who didn’t sign up to sell anything?

    Susan – So how much does someone make on their customers? NOT levels. Just customers you bring in yourself?

  • Hi All,
    Prepaid Legal Svces
    Customer pays $10 origination fee, one time. Maximum service costs for both prepaid legal and the identity theft shield, $36 monthly. No one can spend any more money than $36 month with PPL as a client.

    Associate commissions include four commission levels plus a bonus program. The bonus program is based on monthly production, month to month. Level1 1 thru 4 on commissions are achieved either thru personal volume or team building, and are permanent once achieved. The requirements are very reasonable to get to level 4, a typical business briefing of 25 associates in this area will include about 30% level 4 associates.
    Level 1 pays 17% first year, or $70 advanced commissions for the first year.
    Level 2 pays 30% first year, or $130 advanced commissions for the first year.
    Level 3 pays 40% first year, or $170 advanced commissions for the first year.
    Level 4 pays 50% first year, or $200 advanced commissions for the first year.
    There is no monthly maintenance requirement for an associate, altho I wouldn’t expect an associate who doesn’t own and ‘love’ their membership to flourish while marketing it, so figure $36 month for the premium membership as the monthly ‘requirement’.
    1. Obviously geared to retail customers, many associates earn healthy fulltime incomes marketing memberships with no team whatsoever.
    2. The company considers all of the above as training pay, and refers to the bonus program as ‘adult money’, even tho with advanced commissions it is possible to earn a fulltime income with no team and no bonuses.
    3. The bonus program requires 75 counters production per month, either personal or properly structured team production. Each membership is 1 counter, if a customer purchases both PPL and IDT memberships for $36, which we used as the example above, that is 2 counters per customer. ie getting into the bonus program is also reasonable.
    3. Starting month 13, the associate earn renewal commissions of approximately 20% of their original commission on that membership. ie the company gives a substantial amount to the associate the first year, and delays corporate income to the following years. While the reduction in renewal commission may raise an eyebrow to the inexperienced, this is typical of many industries such as insurance.
    4. The key to success is to properly educate the client as to the value of the membership, so they keep it. After an associate reaches level 4 and learns to sell good business that sticks, which can conservatively be done in less than a year, they can in 5 years of work (20% renewal times 5 yrs =100%) have a full time passive income from their client base renewals, having never recruited anyone.
    5. While statistically 50% of memberships cancel in the first year, that is from the incompetent reps. There are many reps and clients who have been with PPL for 20, even 30 years. As Len Clements of Marketwave states (not a PPL rep), a small cut of a small amount that keeps coming in month after month is often better than a large cut of a large amount that does not renew.
    6. PPL has many associates who do not recruit. When someone tells me that NM is a turnoff, I simply tell them “Then don’t do it…just market memberships!” It works.
    Glenn Jaffas

  • Kim,
    Addendum re: Prepaid Legal.
    You may or may not consider this info that you requested:
    To reach level 4 in the PPL comp plan requires either enrolling 12 associates or marketing 250 memberships (typically 125 customers with both Prepaid Legal membership and Identity Theft Shield membership), cumulative over any period of time.
    Glenn Jaffas

  • Prepaid Legal Services
    Addendum #2
    Kim says I’m not clear on my communication.
    Levels 1 thru 4 are the four different commission percentages paid on personal, ie frontline, membership sales. No depth involved in any of my example. When you start, you earn level 1 commissions.
    When you have enough activity, you get a raise to level 2 commissions.
    Same with levels 3 and 4. The levels are raises you get as you get productive.
    I didn’t break it out, because the post was getting lengthy and I didn’t want to bore. You can go to level 4 and into the bonus program all on JUST membership sales with no team and no depth. Many associates do so.
    Hope that helps?

  • Prepaid Legal
    Addendum #3.
    As a level 4 associate, which can be earned by marketing 125 double memberships with no downline, when I write a membership and collect $36 plus $10 origination fee, the company wires into my bank account $200 commission the next day. This is an advance commission for the first year.
    Sounds too good to be true, but they have been in business for 34 years now! They want the associates to succeed, and the advance is an option to help cash flow. If the membership cancels, you are subject to pro-rated chargebacks and those commissions will be taken out of your next payment. The answer to that is to properly sell the membership without hype 🙂 so that the client keeps it. That obviously is being done by well trained reps (like me…thanks, Kim!), or the company could never afford to pay the advances.
    Glenn Jaffas

  • Thanks for the exercise, the next best excerise would be to share the importance of everyone’s Policies and Procedures.

    I provide a service for someone who wants Internet security, unlimited technical support, and Identity Theft protection for individuals, families and small businesses like myself.

    Here is my attempt to shed some light on the Invisus Direct compensation plan as it relates only to the retail question.

    As a rep at any level, providing a service to any retail customer, you receive a 75% quick commission paid within 5 days (electronic deposit) on the initial customer sign-up fee of $29.99 (includes 1st months service), a $22.50 retail commission.

    A customer agrees to a one year contract for the Managed Internet Security Service and Identity Theft protection for $14.99 per month. The rep receives a residual of 20% or $3.00 paid monthly (electronic deposit), on all personal active subscriptions. We currently have a retention rate of greater than 90%; important as it relates to residual.

    There is more to the compensation,including participation in a Global Profit Pool of all subscriptions sold, but I believe that answers the retail question.

  • Hi, Kim:

    My company is Legacy for Life. Signup to be a distributor is either $49.95 or $350 (for a kit that comes with everything including product). Customers don’t pay anything to sign up.

    All distributors are paid the same on customer orders. We get 15% of the retail value of the product as commission for a one-time order, and we get 20% of the retail value as commission for an autoship order. Meanwhile, the customer also gets a 10% discount if they are on autoship.

    There are no qualifications, minimums or quotas to receive retail commissions on customer orders. Retail commissions are paid twice per month.

    We also have bonuses for customer volume and for helping our new babies get their first customers, but I don’t want to make this complicated, so I’ll stop here.

    Did I state it clearly enough?

    Lisa Schuyler

  • Hi, I am with Jafra Cosmetics. We have an Express Case for $15 which comes with $68 Royal Almond 4 piece set or $50 Starter Case which comes with $311 in products plus training tools. Our commission is simple, order equals $300 retail or more & receive 50% commission on 1st order in the month, any size order after that in the same month receives 50% commission. Less than $300 retail order receives 30% commission anytime an order is placed. We are a MLM company and our commissions structure is 10% – 17% on wholesale volume. A new consultant will receive a $30 cash bonus from our company when they recruit 1 in their 1st 30 days. In addition, their second monthly order of at least $300 retail, they will receive 50% commission, a Free Jafra logo pin and 2 skin care products valued at $80. In their 3rd month of minimum $300 retail, they receive 50% commission plus $170 in products free.

    Norma Lopez, AZ

  • Hi this is David with Usana in Australia..ours is such a simple and powerful plan and one of the principle reasons I joined.
    The plan is binary and the volume has to be balanced on each side. Payout is weekly and unused volume carries over to the next week to a max of 5000 points (approx USD5000 wholesale).
    No group volume requirement
    commission is 10% on all volume, whether from a preferred customer, personally sponsored associate or any other associate.
    No such thing as different levels.
    Unlimited number of business centres (you can start with one or three) , all max commission at USD1000 per week plus a $175 bonus per maxed out business centre.
    Balancing means that the pay structure doesn’t get over cooked with commissions, and keeps the price of outstanding products reasonable.
    binary plan means you find 2 distributors and then help them find and train 2..Just like the human cell duplicating.
    No joining fee. Business development system either AUD25 or AUD85 (sorry don’t know the USD)
    Initial purchase of product is approx USD150, ongoing monthly autoship of USD100.
    Retail margins available of 25-35%
    so easy to explain and no traps.

  • Hi Kim,
    Reading all of the above just makes my eyes cross. Wow, no wonder our industry is in such a state as it is. You need a masters degree just to comprehend them. I have been with the Financial Freedom Society. They market an e-course and a monthly membership for their services. To get a commission, one needs to be a member($29.95) and pay a $20 fee per month for a monthly sum of $50. Ok, customers only here….,
    The first month , customer signs up and purchases an e-course with membership.
    $59.95 one-time charge..membership consultant is paid $40.50 for the first month. Second month and beyond..
    recurring charge, customer pays $29.95 for services, consultant receives $13.34 on his/her own customers. This pay plan goes down three other levels but that will be from customers that other consultants in downline have brought in. Customers may be individuals or businesses that want to provide membership as an employee benefit.

    Example on 10 customers:
    first month $405
    recurring monthly income $133.40
    Total for 10 customers: $538.40

    There is another side to the pay plan by receiving income from bringing in other membership consultants. There are other bonuses too.So what is interesting is that one may work the business by just bringing in personal customers(direct sales) or by the traditional mlm way of bringing in other consultants.

  • Hi,

    Okay, I want to do World Ventures even though I’m not a rep (yet) because I just love, love, love their product!

    Alright, to be a rep is $99 per year. There are two products that they sell: a Dream Trips membership, and a Referring Travel Agent membership. Each product is $250 to sign up, and then $19.95 per month.

    If you purchase one or both of the products when you sign up to be a rep, then you only have to pay $25 to be a rep, instead of $99. So for instance, if you purchase the Dream Trips membership at $250, you only have to pay $25 additional to become a rep. You don’t have to purchase the product to be a rep, but you have to be active in order to earn commissions, which means if you choose not to purchase a membership when you sign up, you have to sell one membership or recruit one person who also purchases a membership in order to be considered “active” and get paid.

    You get paid a $20 direct commission for each retail sale (not including your own). So whether you obtain a retail customer or a rep that also purchases a membership you get paid the $20.

    Beyond that, you have to recruit two who recruit two in order to get the rest of your bonuses. But once you do that, and maintain that, you don’t have to recruit anymore. You get paid $100 weekly bonus for every six (6) sales that occur that week, whether they are personal retail sales, or downline sales.

    You also get monthly residuals, which are $20 for every six sales each month. You also earn 20 travel points for every six sales, and these points can be used for Dream Trips at the retail price if you are a member, or you can pay for the trip that you booked through World and get reimbursed using the travel points even if you are not a member.

    Finally, if you also purchase the Referring Travel Agent product, you earn travel commissions from anything that you or anyone else books through your World Ventures site. I don’t know for sure what the commissions are on this but I believe they are about 8%.

    I also need clarification about whether reps earn commissions on any of the Dream Trips. Not sure about that. Maybe if someone else in World Ventures, reads this, they can answer that.

  • I agree with Tom – my eyes are now crossed…. 🙂

    I like the info about what it takes to become a rep – maybe we could do another post along that line with all the info laid out. What’s the set up fee, inventory, training (some companies offer deluxe training packs that the reps get comission on), and so forth.

    Also, it seems to me that people are getting a little hypey with the comp plan presentations – just my 2 cents.

  • Kim, we appreciate your breath of fresh air in the MLM industry. Ironically for years GNLD Int. the MLM we have been with full time for over 10 years, has been criticized for over emphasizing the recruiting of customers rather than business builders. We have lead with product, and make about a 1/4 of a million dollars a year. We hit our goal of finding at least 3 new loyal customers every month for the first 5 years of doing the business, and since we thought our 6 figure income was solid we went into semi retirement, of not actively trying to recruit three new people a month.

    GNLD knows customers are the most important if distributors want long-term residual businesses. It starts with giving the customer the best product for the invested dollar, instead of merely buying to please a friend. Buying based on a friend’s suggestion can be good, but if it is the only factor, it doesn’t last. Customers do not care how much money a distributor makes, thus retaining them long term is based only on the value the customer receives.

    Our team uses educational tools to educate interested prospects about GNLD’s Pro Vitality Pack. This Pack consist of 3 whole food concentrates, filling the gap for the 3 most important food groups which science says 90% plus of the population is not consuming. First: A grain oil product developed as a result of a ten year hospital study. It helps cells work correctly with lab tests showing people can receive 50% more nutrient utilization, better heart development, healthy hormonal activity, more energy, etc. Second: GNLD’s broad based vegetable product tested by the USDA in humans, proven to raise immune function 37% in just 20 days, in heart protection 500% more, etc. Third: The first complete omega-3 fish oil product with all 8 master molecules at certified amounts, which gives the customer the most omega-3 power for the dollar. Cost: All three products purchased together in the Pro-Vitality pack cost the customer $125 retail. For a discount price, pay one-time $15 and receive Pro-Vitality for $106.50. Or pay a one-time $49 distributor fee and receive these same three products for $90. If pack is on monthly auto ship they get free shipping. .

    What do distributors make for acquiring customers? If someone had ten customers purchasing in this manner, profit would be at 35% on each retail customer, 20% on each member customer, and 10% on each wholesale customers. If you had 40 customers purchasing Pro-Vitality you would increase the profit 10% more per customer, member or distributor.

    GNLD also has what we call a customer acquisition bonus. Gain 50 Pro Vitality customers and start making an extra $150 monthly bonus, which can increase to $1000 dollars monthly with 200 of these type customers.

    The question to ask, “On what are the percentages paid?” Most companies pay their percentages based on the wholesale price or point values which are less than wholesale price. GNLD’s percentages are paid on average at 90% of the retail price of the products. Looking at the example of the Pro-Vitality, payout is based on 110 points, which clearly is higher than wholesale. This is why in real life GNLD pays out more than other copanies that seem to pay higher percentages.

    What is required to be paid on these customers? Besides acquiring customers, you need to pay $49 to sign up, and have the same $90 monthly autoship order in your name.

    Kim Thanks for cutting out the hype and getting down the bottom line facts.

    Lawrence and Marjorie Clark

  • Follow up to Kim’s request for price for the Isagenix 9 day program: $159.95. This program replaces 22 of your 27 meals over the course of 9 days.

  • Hey Kim-

    Correction on Bob Fergusen’s Shaklee thing-

    If rep markets RETAIL (srp) ANY rep makes 15% UPFRONT w/o any qualification required. Since about 99% of Shaklee sales are done at Memeber Net (MN) very few sales leaders even count the retail price potential.

    Shaklee has always encouraged reps to sponsor customers or reps for the 15% discount, which is coverered by the rep, not Shaklee Corp. Shaklee bases all of its corporate profits on the wholesale sales leader price. Technically, us in the field, can market the stuff for any price we want. Soooo, I encourage my reps to sell to a client at full retail especially for one time purchases like the AirSource, or personal care products. That way, when the client does become a Shaklee member, they appreciate the discount. And it helps the reps make more money upfront.

    I describe the comp plan this way: If you market about $1,500 MN in one calendar month – doesn’t matter if you bought it all, or sold it to others, you will make about $350 or so.

    If you are a Director (1st rank one can achieve), and you market about $3,000 MN by yourself, you will make about $1,545. It works out basically to 50% at the “bottom” to about 60%+ at the top of the volume chart. ANYONE of ANY RANK can top out at the volume chart.

    Clarity is a beautiful thing. Folks have tried to write Comp plan books in the 90’s and found that most of the info was void as soon as it was published!

    Funny thing is, I have found that if people truly love the product or the company that they are in, they still stay even if they make less for the same volume. I just talked to a guy from another NWM Co and his business is 3 times as big as mine and he makes 1/3 of what I do. He is still with his other company (so far). I came to Shaklee from Discovery Toys (back in ’96) and FOR THE SAME ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, Shaklee would pay me $1,100 more per month than DT. That plus some other factors, encouraged me to move my business.

    Karen Hurd
    Shaklee Coordinator

  • Kim,

    I’m a Presidential Diamond with 4Life Research. This is how our customer program works.

    1. To become a 4Life Leader 4Life Distributor you do the following: pay $29.95 for a distributor kit.
    b. you purchase 100 Life Points (LP) of Product.
    c. You are on auto-ship for 100 LP of product per month.

    2. You now can earn 25% commision on all customers LP purchased from 4Life as preeferred customers.You also receive a 25% rebate on all personal volume you purchase over your 100 LP requirement each month.

    a. you do not have to recruit any distributors to qualify for the 25% on customer volume.
    b. Life Point average is 89% of the products actual cost.
    c. Customers signed direct to the company pay nothing to become customers and they can be on auto-ship as well. (Good for them and me).
    d.Customers pay wholesale pricing.
    e.Commision on actual cost of product is 22.2%.

    This is a very customer friendly program and simple to explain to those who want to be distributors.

    I built my business leading with the product to customers. Those that love the product become the best distributors. I have distributors with me for seven years who never recruited anyone but they love the product so much they keep on buying month after month.

    Tom W.
    Lititz, Pa.

  • Fruta Vida International – Simple

    You earn $20 per single bottle $39.95 or $70 for a 4 pack $139.95.

    This is for initial orders.

    Residual: $15 per bottle, or $50 per 4 pack. This is autoshipping customers since reps and customers pat the same price.

    You can earn $10,000 a month with JUST 200 customers, no recruiting. Not bad huh?


  • My other comment didn’t post for some reason….

    Fruta Vida International:

    Initial ppurchase: $20 per $39.95 bottle or $70 per $139.95 4 pack.

    Residual Autoship Customers:

    $15 per $39.95 bottle or $50 per $139.95 4 pack. Everyone, reps and customers pay the same price. No poins, BV,PV, or BS!

    With 200 4 pack customers someone could earn $10,000 a month and never recruit a soul!

    Refreshingly simple huh!?


  • Hi it’s Jody with VeMMA to answer a question asked of me.
    A customer always and only pays $60.00 for each product pack, which is the only product we have. They can be on autoship if they choose to be. If they want to get a discount, they can buy a 10 pack for the price of 8. On that, they pay the shipping. This brings them into rep staus. On packs of 1,2,& 4, customers do not pay for shipping.

  • Hi Everyone!
    I am excited to tell you about the Leaving Prints opportunity. We are a direct sales scrapbooking company with a fantastic compensation plan. We are also proud to be a member of the DSA!

    Here is the simple plan.

    1. Sign up for the $30 basic kit (includes training manual and all essential paperwork)or get the $99 Premium kit (includes everything in $30 kit, plus product – a $250 retail value). One of these kits is a required purchase.
    NOTE: Due to the deep discounts, there is no volume with these kits.

    2. At any instructor level, the commission on sales is 30%.
    For example, $100 in sales = $30.

    We do carry a few items (like tools and other manufacturer brands) which carry a 20% discount.

    NOTE: In order to keep this comparison simple, I will use the 30% commission structure.

    3. Minimum Volumes are as follows:
    Level 1
    $97.50 ($75 PV) personal sales
    No group volume
    30% commission on sales

    Level 2
    $195 (150 PV)personal sales
    $1300 (1000 PV) Group Volume
    30% commission on sales

    Level 3
    $325 (250 PV) personal sales
    $2600 (2000 PV) Group Sales
    30% commission on sales

    Levels 4 – 8
    $325 (250 PV) personal sales
    $2600 (2000 PV) Group Sales
    30% commission on sales

    PLUS, earn 7-8% commission on your own personal sales (based on the minimum $250 personal sales = $17.50-$20)

    This is a special incentive program on sales for reps at any level.

    Any rep with $650 (500 PV) in sales for 3 consecutive months receives $195 ($150 wholesale) of any product (excluding scrapbooking tools and business tools) for FREE.

    Thanks for reading my post!
    Team Captain (Level 4)

  • nymous here with USANA. Kim, in answer to your query:

    1) A one time retail order will pay 34%.

    2) Maintenance depends on the business plan enrolled in:
    Business plan A requires a $100 monthly (product) purchase.
    Business plan B requires a $200 monthly (product) purchase.

    3)Regular autoship orders income is as follows:
    For business plan A (approx $150 buy in) Assume a monthly order of $160.00
    5 customers: $40 per month
    10 customers: $100
    20 customers: $200
    30 customers: $600
    40 customers: $1000

    For business plan B (approx $700 buy in) regular autoship income: Assume a monthly order at $160.00
    5 customers: $180 per month
    10 customers: $300
    20 customers: $800
    30 customers: $1000
    40 customers: $2600
    Compnay counts sales volume only.

    That’s it. I like the plan and the income. If Anonymous is still sick to his/her stomach and is going to quit can I have her customers?
    Hope this helps Kim.

  • Ok I’ll take a stab at explaining Agel’s Quadra Plan…but I’m a newbie and *could* make some errors here
    You can join for $200(retailer) $600 (developer) or $1000 (Executive)

    (you get a commersurate amount of product with your enrollment, 4, 10 or 16 boxes of products)

    If you join at the Executive level you get all the perks and bonuses.
    1. You can earn retail
    2. Fast start commissions: $200 for enrolling another executive, $75 for developer level $35 for the $200 level
    3. Executive bonus pool: a weighted bonus depending on growth in your Team Volume Commisions, providing transitional income between fast start commissions when you begin, and the solid residual income that develops later. 3% of the company volume is placed in the pool monthly, and paid out to qualified recipients. One share for each increase of 1,000 CV in your lesser leg from the previous month
    (only those who purchase Executive Enrollment kit to be eligible for this pool)
    4 Expense allowance/5. Car Fund and /6. Travel fund
    Once you become a Senior Director or above the company will pay $500- $3000 a month extra for each of these three bonuses so you will net $1500 to $9K a month on those bonuses
    &. Team Volume Commissions:
    With Agel, everyone builds a two legged structure, but its not to be confused with a binary plan
    Volume from people placed in your organization count towards your team volume. For this commission you earn 10% of the volume of your lesser leg up to $25K a month.
    When that is maxed out at $25K you may begin building the next of 3 total busines centers; all together they will max out at $75K a month.
    Then, the 8th way of earning income with Agel is the Leveraged Matching Bonus, which makes the Quadra Plan one of the biggest innovations in pay plans in decades.
    How it works: you earn from 25% to 50% of the Team Volume Commissions of everyone you personally enroll; they never break away, and it doesn’t matter what level they are on.
    You also earn a leveraged matching bonus through 4 generations

    So if someone you personally enrolled maxes out thier 1st center at $25K you will net $12.5 if they have maxed out all three of their centers you will make $37,500. Tehn for each of thier team volumes, you make 8-10% depending on what generation the volume is coming from.
    Agel just celebrated its 1 year anniversary, but is in over 40 countries now, with a first-to-market product, and getting ready for a serious vertical thrust.

    Now all you math wizards, how do I compare apples to apples here?

  • Hey Kim, are you still going to put this chart together? I see Fruta Vida’s already been posted, I just want to add that you don’t have to be a tripple diamond start ship commander to earn that income like most companies. Just Standard Member or Premium member. One price which is awesome because most people hate to retail to family and friends, they like to give them the same price. Anywho later! 🙂

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