Seven-Word Wisdom: The Contest

How much advice can you distill down to seven words?

“As it turns out, seven words is a surprisingly catchy way to deliver a message. Just ask writer Michael Pollan, whose book “In Defense of Food” is debuting at no. 1 on The New York Times best-seller list this weekend. (Read the recent interview with him here .) The popularity of the book is due in no small part to Mr. Pollan’s catchy seven-word edict:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Let’s have a contest. What wisdom can you dispense in seven words and in the 2-3-2 format?

The author of the NY Times health blog suggests these contest rules, which we will use as well:

“Submit your own 2-3-2 word sequences sharing advice for the rest of us. Submit as many entries as you want. Here are the rules:

Dispense wisdom. Don’t be gross. No profanity.”

What advice can you distill down to just seven words – using the 2-3-2 format?

We’ll run this for the next three days and see what we get. Oh – no links in your entry to sell anything, please.

Prize to be announced. Best: instant recognition for the winner.

P.S. Your dispensed wisdom can be on any topic you feel strongly about.

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Kim Klaver


  • Great exercise. Make me think. Thank you.

    Uplift spirit. Energize your body. Nutrition matters.

    Nutrition matters. Eat whole food. Protect health.

    Sleep Enough. Renew Your Body. Calm nerves.

    Eat veggies. Even the greens. Get unplugged.

    I’m rushed. Going to Texas. Back Sunday.


  • Show Gratitude. Help others dream. No selling.

    Mangosteen rocks. Need whole fruit. X-cellent benefits.

    Give some. Receive even more. Realize success.

  • Take action,one little step,stay focused.

    Make call, prepare for it, enjoy it.

    Live life, do your best, result show.

    Be truth, share with heart, be real

    Live life, to the fulest, have fun.

    Sleep well, have more energy, accomplished more.

  • Best healer? Adult stem cells. Your own!

    Love getting? Learn to give. No strings!

    Targeted niche. Take massive action. Focused message.

    LOVE IT! Your hearts desire. Pursue tenaciously!

    No excuses. Performance based Universe. Take responsibility!

  • Think first. Then choose words. Speak passionately.

    Read books. Hundreds and hundreds. Mostly non-fiction.

    Your life. Who rules you? Reclaim yourself.

    Focus nowhere. Pay close attention. Experience divinity.

    Smile now. See what happens. Expect joy.

    Be you. Only you can. Start now.

    Forget what. Focus on why. Follow inspiration.

    Tracy Austin

  • Live life. Learn to give. Big improvement.

    Comfort child. Build a man. Much needed.

    Prime example. Walk the talk. Influence many.

    Keep smiling. Find the good. Brighter day.

    Don’t criticise. Teach with love. Both win.

  • Real food. Get enough rest. Get exercise.

    Less stress. Get enough sleep. Feel better.

    Stress less. Laugh even more. Be happier.

    Be gentle. Words can hurt. Heal wounds.

    Be nice. Honey not vinegar. Better way.

    Be nice. Honey not vinegar. Gets more.

  • Not drugs, Only the good, Better life
    Don’t delay, Every second counts, Start now.
    Be different, do others don’t, enjoy life
    Hard works, Make it happen, Takes time.

  • Always stretch. Remember the defibrillator. Drink water.

    Oldtimers hockey. Boys once again. Salary capped.

    Skate hard. Pass the puck. Team play.

    Relish breakaways. Deke don’t shoot. Go fivehole.

    Head up. Stick on ice. Position yourself.

    Await opportunities. Skate to puck. Envision goal.

    Win graciously. Learn from mistakes. Accept defeat.

    Have fun. Have more fun. Avoid defibrillation.

  • Protect identity. Take no chances. Use professionals.

    Guard wealth. Protect your identity. Use professionals.

    Identity theft. Get true protection. Use professionals.

  • Travel well. Make some money. Have fun.

    Pray daily. Eat your veggies. Smile often.

    Educate yourself. Vote your conscience. And pray.

    Dream big. Keep your principles. Live large.

  • Not healthy? Help your body. Eat wholefoods.

    Brown Seaweed. Sacred Lotus Seed. Together here.

    Bovine Colostrum. Organic, of course. Repairs body.

    Alkaline water. Reduced water molecules. Detoxifies, hydrates.

    Smaller pores. Younger looking skin. My secret?

    ‘Magic’ Mushrooms? Help immune system. Swallow capsules.

    Need B12? Hate the shots? Liquid’s easier!

    Meal replacement. Nutritious vanilla shake. Reduce cravings.

    Independent type? Work from home. ‘Be’ your boss.


  • I’ve been gone a couple weeks. What a FUN thing to come back to.

    I went overboard but they just keep coming and this is so much fun.

    Aloe Vera. Food In A Glass. Healthy Choice.

    No Energy? Try Aloe Vera. It Works.

    Aloe Vera. Worked For Me. Try It.

    Aloe Vera. All You Need. Balanced Diet.

    Feeling Old? Wanna Feel Young? Aloe Vera.

    Baby Boomer? Eating Chilidogs & Fries? Detox Naturally.

    Problem Skin? Want Beautiful Skin? Aloe Vera.

    A Dreamer? Think You Can’t? You Can.

    Working Moms. Wanna Stay Home? Here’s How.

    A Housewife? Want Extra Cash? $500 Enough?

    Prescription Meds? Want An Alternative? It’s Here.


  • Save Gas. Work at home. Stay Healthy!

    Be safe. Work at home. No terror.

    Stay home. Love your kids.
    Pay bills!

    Home Biz. Make new friends.
    Live life!

  • Thank you, Kim for this great ‘stretch your brain’ exercise. I’ve been cleaning house today and all these 2-3-2 ideas have been jumping into my head.

    A couple more:

    Love MLM? Follow Kim Klaver. Be successful.

    Love MLM? Join New School. Make Friends.

    Love MLM? Read Klaver Blog. New Ideas.

    Dissatisfied MLMer? Join New School. There’s Hope.

    For Success. Dump Your Upline. Be Be Creative.


  • Walk daily. Take your vitamins. Feel better.

    Be patient. Work on self. Expect greatness.

    Love it. Enjoy your work. Money follows.

    Listen more. Make a friend. Then talk.

    Speak slowly. Allow for comprehension. Show them.

    Be human. Act like children. Show faults.

    Love hard. Trust your heart. Follow happiness.

    Party hard. Toast with friends. then sleep.

    Travel more. Enjoy the sights. Remember often.

    Read directions. Follows the steps. It works.

    Healthy lifestyle. Take a chance. May work.

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