Got Shock and Awe?

Given our noisy world, do you pay attention to all the ads and pitches anymore?  And who has time?

I bet you tune in sometimes, though. When what they say is:

1) relevant to what you ALREADY care about, and
2) your attention is jarred with some shock and awe. And,
3) you see a cool example of what they’ve done that you’d like to do, too.


How I hiked Mt Everest base camp. At 60.
Here’s how I did it….

If you’re interested in being in shape enough to do something like this at 60, you’d read this.  Or consider attending a local function where this person was going to tell all.  Right?

This is from Minnie, a member in the new Helper-Healer Marketing course. Minnie will do a live demo. (She could also do a post online, or send out a postcard.)

She’d show the exact things she did for the last year or two, from eating to exercising to supplements to her sleeping habits and whatever else she thought relevant. Since she markets the supplements she uses, she’d include that.  And she’d very likely get some good customers pronto. Why? Because. Of all the things she did over the last year or two that enabled her to get such a shock and awe results, taking daily supplements is probably the easiest for someone else to do “right now.”


If you have no shock and awe results in any area of your life related to what you sell, you can alternatively become an “authority” or expert in what you’re offering to help others with.  I’m working up a piece, “How to become an authority in one week.” Would that help you?


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Kim Klaver


  • Getting your marketing message read is the first step in the process. I also use words to create a sense of urgency or loss if someone doesn’t take action. Today I mailed to my primary opportunity downline and let them know that all active members get my Ebook that I just finished about how to work on the internet. Will be interesting to see how that message pulls. You have great ideas!

  • It will be great to get help with the “authority approach”. I am looking forward to it.
    Thanks for all your creative ideas!

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