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  • I would buy from the friend. Whether I bought from the friend or the authority I would check out the product to determine, to be best of my ability, if the product was what it was being presented to be.

  • Since good health achieved and/or maintained through good nutrition and supplementation is near and dear to my heart, I would do enough research so that I am an authority on the product. Then if I agree that the product is worthwhile, I would purchase it from my friend… and educate him/her on why the product is worthwhile so they can be an authority, too!

  • I would want someone who knows what they are talking about before I would try a supplement type product because I have been taking the same supplement for so long because of the great results I have gotten over the years. And I know how the company makes there supplements and I know how good of quality products they are.

  • My first choice: A friend who is also an authority.

    If I must pick just one, I pick the authority (a friend may be well-meaning, but misinformed or just repeating some advertising sales pitch that isn’t backed by fact (or backed by an authority)).


  • I would research the product myself, but if I couldn’t find any information on it, I would go to the person who was more informative on the product. Since we are talking about health supplements, I would feel more confident in the person who could explain the benefits of the product to me.

  • Both are equally important to me: After encountering the successful authority, I am compelled to do my own research about the health product or service, and am moved closer to buying into it if the person knows what I am seeking and is generous enough to offer me ways to accomplish my goals.

  • A friend, if they were sincere in their own appreciation of the stuff. I (like most of us..) like to buy from someone I like. I am swayed by the sincere and personal when it comes to making purchasing decisions. At the same time, I am a particular sort, discriminating in my choices; I would do my own checking/feeling it out.

    An authority might work for me too– but they would have to evoke some sort of feeling of kinship with me first, like a ‘potential’ friend. I definitely never buy something–no matter how damn wonderful it might seem to be–from someone I don’t like. Feels like a wrong place to hand over my money.

  • I would go with the friend first because it is someone I “know, like and trust”. This also assumes she/he has experienced the product and has a story. I would not expect them to have ALL the answers but could point me in the right direction to get any answers I needed. It’s OK with me to say “let me check on that and get back to you” or to refer me to someone who is more experienced. I do expect them to be able to get me the information I need to make an informed decision.

  • In the sense of authority, I’m thinking that they know the product and have used it themselves. If that is not the case, then I would go with my friend who has used it. I agree with other posters who state they would check out the product for themselves before committing to the product. Knowing what you put in your body is power for your health.

  • Whether I purchase from a friend or someone of authority,after hearing their story on the product, I would check out the information on the product by doing my own research. I would then purchase the product from the person that best described the product to me providing that I see value or need for the product.

  • Kim I am not sure how to anwser the question. Are you supposed to click on one or two buttons on the question? And then how do you submit your response. David

    • David – scroll down the image of the questionnaire – use the right side there, and select the response you want. You can also fill in your thoughts if you don’t choose one or the other response. At the end of the little survey there’s a submit or done button, click that and you’re done. Make sense?

  • I would buy from the friend after I established the efficacy of the product and became knowlegeble a semi-authority and that not a truck model. :-}

  • First choice. A friend who I regard as an authority ,second someone I from previous knowledge know as an authority on this fiels. ( studies or other scientifically convincing info)

  • We are not involved in MLM but I love reading your stuff. You are very people oriented and we promote you to others all the time. Ever heard of Kim Klaver? Go to …
    Just mentioned you to a lady the other day with fibromyalgia; probably spelled it wrong, but she likes you.
    Thank you.

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