Should anyone tell her?

How would you react – after buying a product from an acquaintance – to being hit up hard via email about the business opportunity?

Would that attract you to the person, or not?

So far, 98% of you say you are LESS attracted to that person now. See here.

One reader added, “Less attracted?! Repulsed is more like it.”

QUESTION: Should anyone tell Lulu she’s turning off 97% of the people she does that to? Including someone who has already bought her product?

Or should we spare feelings, say nothing and delete the emails (and eventually get off her list)?


Results so far here.

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  • I would tell her. But in a kind and loving way. I would also offer her solutions. I have not, in the past two years, told anyone who hasn’t asked about my business what I do. It’s much easier when you can position yourself so people come to you who are interested.

    I would offer Lulu solutions that fit her style to have people coming to her.

    Yes – I would tell her.


  • As network marketers I believe it’s our job to empower and train people. That’s what we do. When training comes from love it isn’t criticism. I would explain that even if I’m from a different company I do see network marketing as the way of marketing in the future and I feel it’s my job to lift the industry’s image whenever possible.

  • I’d leave a comment such as, ” I appreciate your passion for your products, which I enjoy, and am okay with occasional stories about them but don’t want to receive business stories anymore.”

    Toni N.

  • Don’t you think the market place will eventually “tell” her? She will wonder why she can get customers, but they don’t stick.

    Soon, she will wonder if it is the fault of her product. Worse, she’ll think it’s her fault. Maybe this will lead her to change her methods.

    But if she continues to listen to her upline, for sure, she will never find the answer.

    Paul Eilers

    P.S. I wonder if this acquaintance entered her new customer’s email into the system or did her company get her information when the customer purchased the product, and took the liberty of entering her email into their spamming system – without her permission, of course.

  • At first I answered “I would tell her” – but on second thought – I probably wouldn’t. I would probably opt out when I got tired of the emails. Lulu said she liked the testimonials so she is getting something out of the emails. I have purchased products and got on their mailing list. When I get over the emails – I opt out.

    They can also serve as lessons of “what NOT to do”.

  • was it Lulu generating the emails, or the company automatically including every single product buyer on the business builder list? i’ve experienced that with many of my customers, the company starts sending them emails about meetings, pay plans, etc., and they are confused and annoyed by it AND find it tedious to get off those lists.

  • This happened to me and I told my friend about it. I told her…”I don’t want any more 3 way testimonial phone calls…nor do I want any more e-mails from your company. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT and will continue to use it, but leave me alone about the business”. Her response was…”Just let me do my business”…and she continued to harrass me with the business info.

    Needless to say…I found someone else to from whom I could purchase the product….who respected my wishes.


  • In this case the emails are from the seller, not the company. I never opted in, the emails just started once I asked a question about the product. I went ahead and ordered because the testimonials sounded great. Turns out it wasn’t right for me. There is no opt-out on the bottom of any emails, so it would require a reply back to the seller. I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but I sort of felt broadsided by this particular email and others like it. Problem is we both belong to a couple of yahoo groups together. Feels… uncomfortable now.


  • Dear New Schoolers,

    You bet I would tell her! All by myself and soon too.

    To enter an email address into an auto-responder without the double opted-in procedure is the most obnoxious form of spam in my opinion. Illegal too, I believe. If a company did this to a rep’s customers without the permission of the rep, to me this would be plain trashy.

    Maybe Lulu agreed to this spamming practice unbeknownst to her by checking one of those manditory boxes before you could continue with the sign up. Still plain trashy, but now deceptive as well.

    Time to look for a better company, Lulu?

    Don’t tell me no lies and keep your spam to yourself,

    Tom Doiron

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