Should I just quit?

Or should I change my approach?

Here’s what I decided…

Some of you may not know that I was once a rabid recruiter. If I were to build today (and I have started again) I would not build it like I did then.

That’s because the market (i.e. us) has changed in two big ways:

#1. Trust

Why should Lulu trust what I say about what I’m selling when 1) others offer something similar looking/sounding; 2) she doesn’t know if the people she’d get into business with are the real deal and 3) Lulu doesn’t want to pressure her friends.

#2. Search first, chat second

Lulu doesn’t need or want to talk to sales people anymore until she’s almost ready to buy.

Thank Google.

Today, except for the basics, we search out what we want first. We review the info on our own time, check prices and read comments about the product or business from others (think Amazon).

Then, we press buy (or not.) No pressure. Today we, the buyers, reach out to them – the sellers – when we are ready.

This is a 180 degree reversal of how it’s been for the last 50 years: advertisers have had it easier – just hitting us up anytime anywhere. Like during the best part of our favorite show, pitching any wares they had, usually totally irrelevant.

Some old school sales types still do this, but it doesn’t work like before.

How are we going to fit our business style into that kind of market place?

Going around saying your thing is amazing or scientifically proven falls on deaf ears. They’ve heard it all before. So forget that.

Here are two things we’re doing to get members of our niche market to perk up their ears.

1. Belly-to-belly. Tell product stories that are genuine, authentic and short. Just as though you’re a tennis player who moved to a new neighborhood, and you want to know who plays. Who expects it to be everyone? Lulu tennis player acts accordingly – she never hounds someone who says they don’t play.

2. Online. Run online information campaigns to offer non-sales information to attract people in your niche. Start building lists of interested people to whom you can send useful information when you have it and eventually, a link to buy your product or consider your business. You can build a good list this way. I’m doing that.

In 19 days I’ll be releasing the new and expanded version of the big Customer Enchilada program. In the run up until then and I’ll be showing certain folks things we’re doing to 1) identify and find their niche and 2) build a good list of potential customers in today’s market.

To get in on this, get on the Customer Enchilada Priority Notification list here. That’s where these little tidbits will be released.

This priority notification list is only for those who want techniques to build a repeat customer base – and whose companies pay at least 10% on customer orders. I mean customers who are not also sales people. OK?

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Kim Klaver


  • – Set up a blog with useful info

    – Set up social networking accounts with a lot of info about YOU, the person and direct people to your blog

    – Write articles and submit them to directories with your resource box directing them to your blog

    – Go to forums with topics of interest to you and post useful information with a sig line directing them to your blog.

    – Make a video and host it on youtube or any of the other video hosting sites and at the end direct people to your blog.

    I’ve been saying this all along and will say it again.

    People buy from people they know, like and trust.

    People join people in business. They join people they know, like and trust.

    Your blog should be filled with useful info (either product or opportunity FOCUSED, but not product or opportunity FILLED)

    It should also have stories of your life that you can relate to your network marketing career.

    I have taught my entire team to do this and it duplicates like crazy!! No rejection. People come to YOU. You do not go chasing after them.

    Have you ever had a cat that got outside when it wasn’t supposed to? If you chase the cat, it runs in every direction possible but if you shake it’s food or drop one of it’s toys at your feet, it comes running.

    Today’s consumer and prospect (if you choose to call them that) are like cats. If you chase them, they will run. Let them come to you.

    ~Roxanne Green~

  • Kim:
    Roxanne is so on the money. I hate chasing after people… especially leads in the past.

    I not only like finding people online but I have also found that I really enjoy face to face contact. I do this by going to trade shows and also going to networking groups in my area where we have similar interests. You can find these networking groups on And it doesn’t have to be a MLM group, just something that interests you. Maybe dancing, a moms group, an entrepreneur group, whatever. Whatever floats your boat.

    I for one found a great graphic artist / illustrator group as well as a mom-preneur group. They both meet once a month and what a great bunch of people.

    Not only does it get us away from the computer, but like I was saying you get to meet a lot of fun, like minded people. You develop bonds, friendships and most of all trust.

    And Roxanne is right people are like cats, I have 5 of them and she is so, so right.

    Thanks Roxanne for your great online tips…


  • My husband and I have been doing everything tha Kim and Roxanne mentioned. We are get between 200-300 hits per day with a 1/2-1% conversion rate to buyers. This new way is working. We are on page 1 of Google and Yahoo in several categories, this takes WORK and TIME. It’s a process and does not happen over night, we started 6 mos ago. The longer you stick with it the better it gets. While we are working to damatically increase volume and conversion rate to customers, I remind myself that “we sell products for picky people.” The online “rom” is only one of the things we do, we still talk to people face to face and listen for their needs and provide a solution when appropriate. I am done herding cats and going to networking meetings. I love my product and will find a way to make it work no matter what. Jane

  • Network Marketing companies need to realize this new way of reaching customers, distributors, and business builders. Let them find your products or services by filling needs that people are searching for on the Internet.

    The key to accomplishing this is keyword research. As an Organinc Search Engine Specialist, I am constantly looking for new keywords that companies can use to attract potential prospects.

    For example,if there are a thousand searches a month for “herbal supplements”, then a savvy web site owner will design a web page that offers “herbal supplements”. Of course, you will also want to know how many other web sites use that keyword, and that is another part of the research, finding the number of competitors for each phrase you want to use.

    This is not rocket science, but it takes time and effort to implement these Internet marketing strategies. In my experience, it is better to learn how to do it yourself rather than paying someone else to do it for you.

    I coach clients on how to implement these inexpensive Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques for serious web traffic generation. With my methods, anyone can learn to get results.

  • Fascinating. I have been dabbling with this stuff, but not consistently enough, and not focused enough. The funny thing is that I can chat up a storm, and end up writing good articles in the form of forum posts, but the moment I sit down to try my hand at an e-zine article I freeze.
    Hmm. Must do some EFT on that!
    Thanks for everyone’s input.

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