It’s ok to quit if…

“For a long time, we’ve created a myth in our culture that it’s worth any price to reach your goal, especially if your ego tells you that you’re the best solution. We’ve created legends of people and organizations that pursued transformative long shots to achieve great results.”

So writes Seth Godin. Then he adds:

“I need to be really clear: pushing through the Dip and becoming the best in the world at what you do is in fact the key to success. But (and it’s a big but), if you’re required to become someone you’re not, or required to mutate your brand into one that’s ultimately a failure in order to do so, you’re way better off quitting instead.”

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  • Seth is right on the money, as usual. If you are going to make money in this day and age in MLM, you MUST be a leader. In the past, pretty much anyone could make money in MLM, but “times, they are a changin'”.

    People don’t join companies, people join people. If you are going to make any significant amount of money, you have to learn how to create relationships. That is not an easy task on the internet, but it CAN be done.

    Like Seth says, don’t try to become someone you aren’t. Simply learn new SKILLS that will enable you to be yourself and you will attract people like you.

    Most people in MLM have been taught to be the hypy slick salesperson that most people hate. Hype and pressure DO NOT WORK. You may sponsor people into your business, but you will be working very hard for the rest of your life to outsponsor the attrition rate.

    Learn the skills you need to slow down, brand yourself, create relationships and THEN sponsor those who have raised their hand. They will be the ones who stick around to learn from you and become leaders themselves.

    If you’re focusing on selling your products, the same applies. Those who want to buy from you WILL. Those who don’t, won’t.

    ~Roxanne Green~

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