Should Hillary Clinton quit?

She’s not the only one. But let me not get ahead of myself.

As to Hillary, some say yes, she should quit. Others say no.

Here’s part of the dilemma, writes our friend Seth Godin:

“One of the most important lessons they teach in business school is to ‘ignore sunk costs’. It doesn’t matter how much time or money or effort you’ve invested in something, if that project no longer makes economic sense, you should stop.”

So, should Hillary Clinton quit?

“Certainly, there are a lot of sunk costs. Years of effort, dues paid, heartaches endured. This might be her best window of opportunity, after all. And yet, all of these sunk costs should be completely irrelevant to the decision. For every brand and for every person, yesterday is irretrievably gone and tomorrow is worth a great deal.”

True. And way way easier said than done.

Who hasn’t stuck with an idea, a relationship, and career or business – longer than we should have? Because we were so vested in it, so identified with it – financially, socially, mentally, family-wise and most of all, our ego said, stay the course?

I’ve stuck with a certain mission because my ego says “You’re the one to make this happen.” E.g. help change the image of network marketing. It’s been a mission for almost 20 years.

But like the man says, when you start becoming someone you don’t want to become, when it stops making economic sense, it’s time to make a change. I’ve made two.

One, I’m part of a new start up. (Industry consultants are not supposed to do this – or certainly not tell.)

Two, the new company I’m part owner of has just let go of the multi-level pay plan. We’ve adopted a two tiered affiliate type pay plan instead. Two things are happening now:

First, no more closed doors just because of the type of business we are (“one of those things”).

Second, with no monthly financial qualifications of any kind, people with the deepest downlines are earning more now than before. Because most weren’t meeting the usual mlm monthly qualifications and so, didn’t pick up commissions on all those levels regularly anyway.

This is not a pay plan for the experienced deep mlm builders. It’s a plan for people who must buy more product in each month than they qualify to earn, no matter how deep their lines are.

Future uncertain, as always. But yesterday is irretrievably gone and tomorrow is worth a great deal.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim: I know from personal experience whether its bankruptcy, forclosure, no money, and no support. Lose yourself in the books, tapes and cds to stay up.
    I do believe Kim has some of the most revelent information out there today. The networking industry has changed in the last 5 years, and we have to also.
    Hindsight , why did I not try harder. Its your life, so no one can tell you what to do. We can never go back . We can try to be more productive each day. Its hard to live with your own words.Why would you listen to someones else.
    If you don’t have networking in your heart, it is not something you want 100%.

  • Leaders in the business industry change their marketing plan, their business plan, their path all the time.

    What if Henry Ford had not changed his methods of sales or manufacturing since he began? Ford wouldn’t have new cars, new marketing programs, Internet presence.

    We all must change with the times in order to survive. Sometimes things become obsolete and we must move on.

    Hopefully we find a company that has the future always in site and they are willing to make changes to survive.

    Hopefully distributors are willing to make changes to survive in the Network Marketing Industry.


  • Dear Kim,

    When I first discovered your teachings in the 90’s, you were a lighthouse in the murky world of MLM.

    Since you began your crusade, many companies have revised their operating procedures. For example, many more companies have a preferred customer program now than previously.

    I make this point to say that the effects that New School has had on the industry as a whole would be hard to measure.

    When I took your 3-scripts class, I learned that I could have an $80K residual income with 100 customers like myself. At that point I pretty much abandoned the recruiting activities. I went after customers and have added quite a few.

    Then my time got diverted to other endeavors, but my little cluster of customers stayed put and even enlarged a bit. I earn monthly on their purchases.

    Because of the nature of that company’s compensation plan, I am reactivating myself to continue to add more customers. In so doing my income will grow to the next level. This will allow us to purchase more products from our own store with no drain on our family budget. If some want to join my team as distributors, I will welcome them. As you can imagine, if my sponsor of 12 years reads this; she will be disappointed. In reality she should be thankful that I have hung in for this long and continue to fatten my group volume.

    As you know, I have explored your little start up and like your two level affiliate program. I am contemplating my involvement.

    Have I quit Network Marketing? I say no. What I have done is stop chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Since I have shared this much; I’ll put one more thing out there. I own a conventional business in the home improvement industry. Right now it pays most of the bill, but it isn’t my life’s ambition.

    No long ago I did some real soul searching and finally realized what it was about Network Marketing that was so addictive to me. It is the residual or reoccurring income potential. I have found a way to do that away from MLM. It is a 1099 outside sales job and although it will pay me while I am sleeping, it will also stop paying after I leave the company. Suchs. Maybe I’ll become a part owner of the company.

    Kim, you will never be a quitter in my mind. Many of the flaws in our world are there because of the flaws in people. Therefore major change has to come about by changing the people in the system one by one. Kim I believe your efforts have had a profound effect to that end in the Network Marketing world.

    Win some and loose some,
    Tom Doiron

  • Dear Kim, I quite like the idea of straight affiliate programs. I won’t join yours, because I get my
    superfoods already, but I like the
    idea. This means people can get
    commissions on sales made even on months they do not order themselves, right?
    As for you being a quitter…what a silly idea!

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