"Should I Sell the Dream?" (Part I)

This is the question a group of us discussed in a live conference call today, with reps from some 35 companies participating. Some had been in the business 30 years, others less than a year…

“Should I sell the dream, when my company and upline keep telling me to do that, even though I am not making it yet? Aren’t we just telling them stuff that isn’t really true?”

To get to the answer, here are 3 questions we asked and answered:

1. What is the “dream” anyway? And why do they tell you to sell that?

The “dream” ranged from being $1k to $20k/mo, to “unlimited time, money and freedom” to “whatever you want, when your want” to “having a housekeeper” to “being happy.”

We all decided that whatever each person on the call wanted, or whatever their prospect wanted, that the business could provide, that THAT would be their “dream.”

2. So why do they tell you to sell “the dream”? Why not just sell “the business”?

Responses ranged from “How else can they get you to recruit?” to “That’s how they get you to buy in” to “It takes a while to make it and keeping ‘the dream’ in mind will help you keep going.”

3. So how do you make your dream come true?

Compare the “dream” to your favorite cookies. What is the recipe to make them, so you KNOW they’ll come out right? Say ‘the dream’ is $3k or $10k/mo, what is the recipe to make that dream come true?

Responses ranged from “build an organization” to “sign people up” to “develop yourself and get trained” to “sell product” and “sign up reps” to “teach people”.

Test questions:

1. When you get people to sign the app and pay their $19.95 or $45 sign up fee, whose dream is being made?

Uhh, well since only the company gets that, umm, maybe the company’s dream is being made?

2. When you buy product every month from the company, whose dream is being made?

Well, err, the company’s, and my sponsor’s.

So these two things don’t make YOU money, correct? 🙁

Neither do you make money when you are being trained – no matter who does the training. I asked people on the call:

3. Do you make money when you take my classes?


“WHO makes money when you take my classes, you or me?”

Uhhh, You. KIM.

“Right. I make money when you take my classes. NOT you.”

But I believe I show you things that CAN make you money. I can show you the recipe to make cookies.

Err…money. What’s one thing the recipe requires for you to make money?

“Get regular customers who buy product or services.”

Yep. And you earn a percent of what thay buy, like in all commission sales. THAT is one way to make cookies.

And what else?

“Get dealers/sales reps who buy product also, and who find other customers and reps to do the same.”


Everything else you do must be things that bring that about, and those things will depend on your personality, style and whether you have more time or money. There are MANY ways to reach out and amass customers.

Learning things, getting motivated, or getting your belief up will not help you make cookies if you don’t have the recipe.

This is the same.


Continued on next blog…

The audio of this class will be available for download soon on my new podcast site, “Talking about Your Great Thing”

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