Sometimes you get interest being um, NOT nice…

Lauren BacallSometimes you get interest being um, NOT nice…

That’s how Lauren Bacall inspired her own famous movie,
“To Have and Have Not”. The story…

“Bacall “really worked,” movie director
Howard Hawks recalled in an interview.

Hawks invited Bacall to the regular Saturday-night parties
he and his wife Slim hosted, but he didn’t want to be obligated to drive Bacall home every time because he wanted
to be free to get tipsy.

Why couldn’t Bacall find a guy to drive her back? he

Are you nice to them? he asked her.

“Nice as I can be,” she replied.

He mused: “Maybe that’s wrong. Why don’t you try not
being nice? Why don’t you try to insult them?”

Bacall tried it on the next guy she met at a Hawks party,
purring that she wanted to know what store his tie was from,
so she could tell people not to go there. She got her ride
home. When Bacall told Hawks, he asked who the guy was.

“Clark Gable,” she replied.

That gave Hawks an idea. “Do you suppose we could
make a girl who is insolent, as insolent as Bogart, who
insults people, who grins when she does it, and
people like it?” he asked….”

And that is how that movie came about…

PS We lost Lauren Bacall this year. Sigh.…/ma…/2014-the-lives-they-lived.html…

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