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Stages Of Facebook Product Sale

Facebook Sale

The stages of a FaceBook product sale… notice the FOUR steps before #5

Read from bottom to top.

5. Lulu buys and you’re notified of an order… Wahoo!!!

4. She’s intrigued with three or four helpful email tips she receives every day or so…

3. Lulu signs up for that list to learn more…

2. Suddenly her eye catches something about 3 harmful ingredients in high-end skin care and she clicks…

1. Lulu has a concern about her skin but is not particularly looking for a fix. She’s surfing on FB…

So if you’re wondering why nobody buys just looking at product or company images on your FB page, remember #1. THAT is the person you’re talking to whether you realize it or not.

Pasting your product images on your page won’t do much, since this person was NOT looking for that. So you need to attract them with something that is NOT your product image or statements about how great it is. There are a zillion products and FB pages that do that already.

Make sense?

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