Take Control in 2010

How do you take control in 2010?

“The world around us isn’t going to get any easier, more peaceful or less challenging. So the only solution is for us to get better. You can learn how to be stronger, more powerful, more resourceful and a greater resource.” – Tony Robbins

I can help you get better in two areas –

1) the language and one liners you use with others for the holidays and
2) adopting a new attitude: the UNATTACHED attitude. That’s the one where you show others with a few specific words you use, that you do NOT NEED their approval for the business, nor that specific sale.

This Thursday night I am doing a one night stand. About 90 minutes. Bring your holiday situations and we’ll cook up super fast one and two liners for them. For example,

1. You’re at the dinner table, and you’re introduced to someone. They ask you, “So, Lulu, what do you do?”

2. You see a relative who knows you’re in the business, but they never responded to your overtures this past year. What could you say that would cause the person to give you a referral?

3. You haven’t made money yet, and you see a relative who has a big set of friends. You are dying to tell him about your business. What should you say?

Bring your own situations. We’ll come up with one and two liners for you to try on them. Designed to pique interest or get a good referral.

You coming?

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  • In my family and my wife's family, many of us do multi-level marketing of some sort so I think it's ok to say that you run a small business or even giving a website name, but to recruit for your business is definitely out. I prefer not to actively recruit in person anyway, people get a little weird.

    Many of our family members are now on Facebook so I do promote my business among my friends just by having business information on my info page. I don't update my status with business messages on my personal Facebook site…

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