Who Are Your Favorite Trainers In The Business?

I’d like to set up a small (4-6) mastermind team of NM trainers to do some new stuff for folks in the business. I want it to be comprised of people you, my readers now buy from, whose blogs you read, and whose ideas you think have truly helped you with your business.

Can you please
1) name your two favorite ‘gurus’ in the Comments below? Then
2) tell how they helped you in your business, and
3) provide a link to their website or blog.

I’ll contact them. What if something cool comes of it?

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Kim Klaver


  • I always thought that if You and Tim Sales did the business as partners you could create the largest organization in the industry – ever!

    I am following your blog for a few years now and have bought a few stuff from you. What it helped me with have another perspective on the customers and how to market me – by marketing my favorite thing.

    From Tim Sales i've learned many things but what helped me more, i believe is that I focus much more on the communication qualities he teaches and how to really be interested on the person I am interacting each and every time.

    The link to his website is:

    I would love if you created smth together.

    Theodore from Greece

  • Yes, I agree – I learned a lot from Tim as well, mostly that when someone tells you something, you need to listen, and really understand him, and don't try to shove your ideas down his throat…

    Another person I learned from is Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, and what I took from Tom is "what you say matters, so why not say what you have in a way that people will listen?" and the "one minute presentation" that answers the questions people have when investigating something. (

    Another great inspiration for me is Dani Johnson, even though she's a bit on the "pushy" side. Yes, her mantra is "if I did it, you can too", and I can't say I learned "new" stuff here, but she has a great way of giving it to you, you can hear and see her belief in her voice and body. (
    She claims to have gained all of her clients through word of mouth, and I actually think it's true.

    One last, but the one that has helped me most is actually not an MLM trainer, but a family therapist – Bill O'hanlon. What I learned from him is basically this – do one thing different. He has a book by the same title, and he shows you ways to get different results by doing things differently, through great stories.
    I always tell people that if they only read one book in their lifetime, they should make it this one. (BTW Kim, yours is #1 in marketing & sales on my list).

    Once again Kim, you've proved to be a great trainer. Not many like to examine other people's ideas. Thanks.


  • My dream team of Network Marketing trainers includes:

    * Kim (scripts, training materials for me)
    * Tim Sales (formula, materials to hand out)
    * Todd Falcone (target, how-to-reach languages for professionals, especially realtors)
    * Tom "Big Al" Schreiter (basic sales)
    * Carl Wilson (simple formula, language)
    * Jeff Combs (motivation)

  • Hi Kim,

    Far and away, my favorite mentors for years have been you and Tim Sales.

    I have learned many, many things from both of you. I believe that you both desire to help NWM people, whereas many others claim such motivation, but their efforts seem less sincere.

    Kim I have bought most everything you sell and likewise with Tim. Those materials have helped me focus my energies were they will do the most good to grow my business. I avoid being just a hearer and not a doer.

    To me you both are the real deal: genuine, honest, experienced, proven winners, and compassionate.

    Thanks to you both.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,

    Tom Doiron


  • Hi Kim,
    I meant to include Richard Brooke. He is good on vision and great on promoting the detached expectation of just talking to new people regularly.

    Two that I have lost all respect for are MY and RG, even though many think they hung the moon. They both are golden tongued, but have become so full of themselves that they don't have any room left to genuinely care about those they are supposed to be helping.

    I am done.


  • Randy Gage – his understanding of the Laws of Prosperity alone make him worth listening to.
    Add to this his no-nonsense, no-excuses, no prevarication style of mentoring and a system which works and there is a formidable partner for you, Kim.

    Jillian Middleton – ex-Excel, now training only, teaches many strategies for women fitting a business into family life. In particular, her two tips for talking to personal contacts, and her entry/exit strategies for holidays/family events have sere me particularly well.

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