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  • I see where Christine is coming from in her struggle between full-time and part-time work.

    I’ve done both and she’s absolutely right that the part-time person struggles with every day being Monday and feeling like you are starting your week all over.

    I do feel differently about NWM because you are working from home on mostly your schedule and can rearrange your day to fit in those Dr. appointments. etc.

    If you need to, you can drive down the road and conduct business at the same time. If nothing else, setting appointments is an easy on the road activity.

  • I never saw an eppisode of 24 but I understand working and being a mom.

    We are all different, I worked a full time job at home but I am so glad I don’t do that anymore. Talk about never leaving work! I love my job now. I enjoy how I conduct business-my way. The great thing is you can take the same company and do the business your way and it still works.

    Nancy Carlson

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