The curse of the helper-healer?

I have a friend – Dr. Karen Kan – who was leading a high level alternative health training class for a select group of network marketers this week. About 90% women in the class. She had three final “tips” to the folks: Here’s #1.

“You cannot want for someone more than what they want for themselves…Let go.”

This is the curse of the helper-healer. I mean the one who hasn’t learned to ask for the right ones.

A right one includes, among other things, someone with similar values as it relates to a possible fix (non-drug, organic, environmentally friendly, etc.) and, someone who spends money on these alternatives. Do you know how to dig that out quickly and gently? If not, you’ll keep wanting it more for them than they do for themselves. Forever.

Oi vey.

P.S. And yes, that’s one of the things we cover in the Helper-Healer Marketer.

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