#2 Success Secret: How She Got Her Energy Back

My friend Dr. Karen Kan offered her second tip (tip one here) to her health practitioner students yesterday (network marketers to boot)…

“The bigger your own energy, the more clients and money you will attract. So, work on increasing your energy!” -Dr. Karen

One way to amp up your energy is to do things that really turn you on. Especially in your NM business.

If you’re not doing anything in your business except using the product, there might be a very good reason: What if you just don’t want to do what your upline is doing to grow his business? And you don’t have the experience or time to think up something else?

One of the biggest reasons a person doesn’t take action after signing up for the business, is that they find out later that they don’t like what they’re being shown to do. They try it, but it’s not who they are. So they do nothing.

Take heart. There’s a place for you here.

Like movies, people in our business are different. Some people like horror flicks, others action, and others romantic comedy. You don’t bring a horror show to an audience that wants to see romantic comedy. This is the same. You have to know and play to your audience, not the speaker’s idea of his (or her) ideal audience. The wrong audience won’t come and if they do, they leave with a bad taste. And that’s the end of the relationships. Sigh.

I just spoke to a reader who said “My upline is the traditional recruiter guy, the whole upline is. I like them, but I don’t relate to that approach. So, I can’t get excited about it and haven’t done anything this year at all. I just know I’m a helper-healer type and that’s how I want to market…”

She signed up for the Helper-Healer Marketer program and now is happily planning her first event – her way, to her audience. The upline will benefit if she succeeds, so they should leave her alone, she hopes.

Getting big energy: It starts with knowing who YOU are. Then be bold and plan and do things that resonate with YOU. No matter how much someone tells you they’re making, if it’s not you, you won’t do it.

If recruit recruit is not your style, but you want the big orders, there are gentle and quiet ways with the helper-healer audience. Vicki Link, in her now-famous Heal-In, got almost all “big box” orders. And not one person bought the big box in order to recruit anyone else, or to sell it. They want to use it and talk about how to use it together.

If that sounds like you, come get a year’s coaching from Kim Klaver and Vic Link on how to develop the helper healer marketer in you. Here.

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