The customers: They haven’t enrolled anyone yet!

Note: this was posted on the wrong blog. I have a blog focused just on repeat customers, and meant to post it there. Since we have gotten a comment already, I’ll leave it here.

Shelagh comments this to the post: “Networkers, quick: What’s a customer?”

“Many of our customers are Distributors who think/say they are building a business, but haven’t enrolled anyone yet!”

I wonder how many of them discovered doing the business wasn’t something they enjoyed, and now they say they’re building a business, just to pacify their upline?

We all want everyone to build, it’s true. And most everyone is taught to hit on their customers, hard, to enroll others.

But only 1 in 100 will really consider sales, which NM is. And when people discover they don’t like doing it, they stop. It’s hard to force someone to do what they don’t enjoy.

So maybe we can be grateful that they are at least staying on as customers?

Perhaps they’d be more interested in bringing in another customer, instead of enrolling more distributors?

Or perhaps they know someone who really does love sales?

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  • Kim over the past 18 months I’ve learned how to keep my customers a valued customer. This wasn’t always true. In my first company I lost a lot of good customers and the income by trying to get them to also sell or talking them into signing up so they could get the best price.

    Now I never ask them to sell and there’s no reason to ask. They all know I’m marketing the product they buy so if they want to market it they will ask.

    I love customers. When I can make 25% from all sales what’s not to love about customers? To my customers, if you read this, I value you as a customer and thank you for being a customer.

    Happy Easter

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  • Great job Robin! My first experience in NWM was with “old style” training.

    I no longer ask my customers to convert to distributors either. Just let them be happy consumers, maybe they’ll bring in more by telling people I am not pushing them.

    Brenda Bunney

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