The Gaping Gap in Network Marketing

Do you think there’s a bit of an integrity crisis in Network Marketing?


Phone rings. The gent on the line asks my student if he’s open to making some extra income.

“What do you have?”

“If I could show you a way to make $8,000 in your first 30 days, would you be interested?

“Are you doing that?”

“Err, no. Actually, I’m new to MLM and I hate making calls, but this is what my sponsor told me to do.”

A gent sitting in one of my classes said he was running an ad that was pulling in lots of interested people…here’s what he said he was running:

“If I could show you a way to make $5-6,000/mo working 10 hours a week, would you be interested?”

I asked him: Are you doing that?


Do you know anyone who is?


Why do you run the ad?

“It pulls.”

Is anyone you pulled in doing that?


A lead attorney for a firm in Canada who specializes in bringing in American direct sales and network marketing companies into Canada was describing the paperwork required, which included descriptions of how the sales reps would be trained.

When I asked her if all companies expanding into Canada got the third degree like this she said, “No. But we all know that people in network marketing will say whatever they have to in order to make the sale, so the Canadian government feels like they have to protect their citizens against that.”

Will you help us close the gaping gap? Between what you promise someone and what you and others have experienced?

Listen to what you say when you present the business to someone. Hear any promises you can’t keep? DUMP THEM.

Review the copy on your website and any emails that go to prospects. Especially those in autoresponders.

No predictions about what will happen to anyone else when they join up. We don’t know for sure, do we?

What we do know is that 95% of those who start, don’t finish. Their experience is nothing like what was promised.

Just stop promising. OK?

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