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  • Thank you, Kim. That was a very inspiring video. Then I went to YouTube and watched the 5 other Girl Effect videos. (You can get to YouTube by double clicking on any embedded youtube video screen.)

    Then, I followed the links to the Sticky Site and developed my marketing savvy another few degrees.

    Excellent post. Thank you for calling this group to my attention.

    Several years ago I stopped giving more material stuff gifts to my family for the holidays. Instead, I buy them “honorary” gifts of making donations to developing entrepreneurial individuals in very marginal life circumstances in my family members’ names.

    I believe we are ALL enriched by this choice of gift gifting.

    Or, as we learned in Kindergarten, Share the Toys in the Sand Box.


    Pat Crosby


  • First of all, let me state that I was a girl who grew up on a farm with cattle, and held a dairy project from the time I was 10 years old, thru high school. So I know a little bit about this subject.

    Dairy cattle require high quality feed and plenty of it in order to produce mild. Likewise, they need to produce a calf each year to stay in production, which also requires a high level of nutrition for the cows. While it is noble and commendable to lift up and empower women in environments in which they get little or no respect, how is this hypothetical girl going to find sufficient quantities of quality feed for her herd of cows, in an environment in which she cannot find it for herself? Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger.

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