The Joy of Imbalance

Have you heard that your life should be balanced?

Do a little of this, that and the other – so that all parts of your life get your attention.

That’s fine if you want to be average at everything.

But. If your goal is to get really good at something, you’ll have to be
imbalanced. Yep. You’ll be doing that one thing more than anything else
for as long as it takes to get really good.

So, the better you want to get at say, marketing your business,
the more imbalanced your schedule will be.  You’ll be doing
one thing nearly all of the time.  Intensely.  And with great
excitement and anticipation.  That’s the joy of imbalance.

When you master that skill you get the high that comes
from doing something you are really good at. That people envy
you for.

“Do the thing, get the power.”  Emerson

You ready for some imbalance in your life?


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