The lights are on in my wife’s eyes again…

About a month ago, a networker wrote me:

“My wife (of 41 years) Lilli, and I, have built
our business together but have two different approaches.

“The title ‘helper-healer’ is a perfect description
of her heart.

“So together, over the years, she has emphasized product
while I, the ‘provider’ type, saw the value in the business-opportunity
and took that approach. We have seen good success in the past.

“In the last two years she has come too much toward
the recruiting side.  Mostly because the training we get is
focused there.  This is affecting her in a way that I would
describe as ‘stealing her joy’

He decided to get her the Helper-Healer program. They’re doing it together.
And two days ago, I got this surprise email:

“Dear Kim,

“After just one module of Helper-healer the lights are on in my wife’s
eyes again. We are focusing our energies on helping others, her with the
product for their health, and me because of my concern for retirement funds,
and the stress that comes from money worries, the income….” R.B.

What could be better than that?

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