Are you just a shill?

Why do some people see mlm, and people who do mlm, as “icky”?

Well, here’s one reason: They see you as just a shill.

A shill, according to the dictionary, is someone “who publicizes or praises
something…for reasons of self-interest, personal profit…”

Picture the usual presentation to the long lost college friend
at Starbucks. At the end of the gushing about your weight loss
product, you reveal that you sell the product.

Or, after the business presentation, they find out you make money
when they sign up.

It’s at that moment you’ve become a shill in their minds.

Why?  Because they didn’t know – or expect – that you were actually
selling it before they accepted your invite. Any invite –
for coffee, to open an email, or to come to a live event.

To avoid being seen as icky, do this:
Let the person know, WHEN you invite them to tea or ask them by email
to “get their opinion” on something, that this is your (new) business.

Here’s a way to do that. (Click on image on top left).

Script included. (No charge.) This is the only
Manifesto on MLM in the ChangeThis publishing list.

And right now, this is #2 on the “Recent Popular Manifesto list.”
See here, on right rail

Anyway, when you click on this link, remember,
click on the image
top left.  The short doc downloads
onto your desk top.

Let me know your reaction ok?


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  • A new Facebook friend confided in me that she had chronic back pain and was on the fence about doing the one thing each doctor had suggested…. using medical marijuana. Now I don’t smoke dope – never have but I do market hemp and several things that are helpful in pain relief.

    I started out just listening to her and being supportive. Then she asked what I would do. I told her that I used the hemp products that I market and my shoulder pain got better. I offered to send her samples to see if it helped. I soon realized she was going to try the marijuana and really didn’t want another option to mull over. She wanted and needed instant relief. So she light up and was stoned for hours but her pain was gone for 12 hours.

    A few days later she sent a text asking how she could order some of my hemp because she didn’t want to be stoned every day….

    She knew I sold it, she knew her results could be different than mine, she just had to take time to think and in the end I feel she trusted me. It’s about people and caring, Helper Healer types….

    Hype does not sell, hiding the fact that you sell sucks for all…. Just say it already 🙂

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