The real reason I’m still in NM at 74 years old…

Mary Nolan’s story continued…

“The REAL reason I m still in the network marketing business is I simply love the stuff. I love people and telling people about stuff which works for me and encouraging women to be the best they can be (and can’t seem to do it for me?)

And can’t imagine working for someone else again as I had to do when I taught school… having a boss to tell me what to do and how to do it? No No.

Of course I want and need all the classes-
but nos 10 and 11 seem to leap out at me.

Preparing for customers. The RIGHT WAY..and then the role of PRACTICE in business success.

I do more reading than practicing.

I have good self esteem and confidence that I can do many things but I dont have it in this.. and I want it!

I have loved this business since 1968 when I was shown Amway, went to Ada and met Rich and Jay and found another world.. a world of success….. and money.

Until then – in rural Louisiana – I had never known anyone with money!

I have never been the same since!”

PS I have 2 of your books…“If My Products So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” and “The Truth.” ’em.

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  • Thanks again Kim….. so much!
    This is definatly the BEST thing I have ever won!
    And I have had many awards and prizes over the years….. and this one tops that list!
    See you with great anticipation and eagerness on September 9th.

  • Mary, Thanks for rest of your contest story!
    Eager for the Class. Now that you are our classmate, what a bonus!

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