The spider twist

Here’s an interesting take on the “make them come to you” approach…

The spider too, makes its customers come to her.

“A spider never wants for food. It finds a harmless looking little corner to build its web, and while busying itself with other tasks, awaits its prey.”

Similarly, for your little corner of the market, build your special interest blog or site. Then busy yourself with other tasks, awaiting like minded folks.

Do not build in 9 other corners at the same time.

The author goes on…

“Highly effective info-product selling works the same way. You make yourself visible in the places your target prospects are likely to find you, and lure them into your web with free content.

Like the spider, you personally attend only to the very best prospects that have fully ensnared themselves, while automating your interaction with the rest.

Once inside, your systems draw each prospect/customer deeper and deeper into your web in a series of graduated steps, each one increasing the level of commitment.

To make them come to you requires a soft sell. You haunt the periphery of their existence, appearing in different places, never approaching them, but continually teasing them to betray their interest by requesting specific information from you.

To them, this information is just what it seems, information. To you, it is copy, carefully designed to subtly communicate the various benefits of your solution… install buying criteria… overcome objections… and intensify their desire to fill the emotional void in their lives that attracted them to you in the first place.” Daniel Levis

While Levis refers to “info-products” it applies easily to nutritional and other non-run-of-the-mill products NMers market as well. Because they require some explanation and demonstration. That can be some very interesting information.

For an example, see “Are Your Vitamins Safe?” report at the top left of this blog. (Warning: that’s an affiliate link for the little start up I am part owner of and for which I provide marketing guidance.)

You can create your own, like I did, on a topic that interests you and is of interest to YOUR corner of the market. Like this info is of interest to me. There are hundreds of cool possibilities.

TIP: Start with YOUR hot button, as usual. OK?

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Kim Klaver


  • The Internet is a marketer’s dream.

    It is a cost-effective way to to test information and get instant feedback, without investing a lot of money. It also allows you to build credibility in the eyes of consumers.

    Yes, a spider ensnares its prey with that little harmless looking web. On the other hand, with free informational content, people WANT to do business with you.

    It is a way to position yourself as an invited guest instead of an unwelcomed pest.

    Paul Eilers

  • You are right Paul, the internet is a marketers dream. And, like any type of marketing, it requires focus and consistency to be effective.

    Too many people are under the impression they can slap up a splashpage; post a few free ads and the bucks should start rolling in.

    The reality is, we all like to buy from someone we know; like; trust and feel good about. Online, we may not actually know the person, but we want to get a sense that we can trust the person, like the person and have a good feeling.

    Content is the name of the game and providing value! The more one does that, the more success he/she will have and the more people will duplicate that same process.

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Street Smart Wealth

  • Dear Kim,

    I am all for learning and using the internet more and more to promote and grow my businesses.

    However when I read Daniel’s stuff it sounded sinister and manipulative to me on first impression.

    Am I alone on this viewpoint?

    Yucky ugly bugs,
    Tom Doiron

  • I enjoyed the spider analogy! It is very interesting because yesterday I got the same lecture. I heard it, the spider story brought it home. I finished watching the secret (after a two month angry boycott). The line that has always spoke to me is the concept of out of nothing, something will materialize. Does that mean we think and sit…Today I realise no! Like the spider we must undertake the necessary preparations…once the foundation/platform has been erected, again like the spider move one, keep going the food {in our case the leads for business, the heavy hitter who blows your business to greater heights…or whatever the case may be, will inevitably land in your web in your little obscure corner!

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