These leads suck!


Have you heard that about business opportunity leads?

There’s a simple explanation for that in most cases. And it’s NOT that you
don’t know how to talk to them or qualify them.

Most people run ads like this:

Make Money from Home

Work From Home

(Big/Fast/Easy…) Income From Home

Those ads are fine, IF.

IF you are offering hourly work or pay-by-the-piece work.   Transcription, programming, proof reading, emailing responding, day care, stick and lick envelopes, etc.

Folks who respond to ads like this are NOT- repeat – NOT looking to set up a business which:

1) takes capital ($500+)
2) requires learning how to do sales and recruiting and, worst of all
3) has NO GUARANTEED income like the other ‘income from home’ offers they’re considering.

Have you noticed that when you do talk to them, that no big income promises change what they
were really looking for – something with a guaranteed hourly or piece income, however small?

To attract people who really WANT to build a business of their own, change your ad.
Consider and test ads that better describe whom you seek. For example:

Empire Builder Wanted

Set Up World Changing Business from Home

TEST MORE.  And make NO INCOME promises since that usually draws mostly do-nothing dregs.

WARNING. You will not get the high number of responses you get with the old ads.  But the folks responding are more likely to be the right ones. Isn’t it an empire builder you seek?  Someone you don’t have to drag across the finish line?

PS Do you really want to keep trying on ALL the shoes in the store? Versus
just the 4-5 pairs that are the right kind, color, style and size for your foot, to begin with?

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