Three Tips for Success from Frank Kern

Here are three helpful tips I got from Frank this month. He’s made millions online with his marketing programs.

From one marketer to another, here goes. To succeed, you need:

1. A list of people, however you get those – online, offline, in the church, standing on the street corner – a list of people that are going to want what you’re selling.

2. You must master the art of presenting your offer in such a way that the right people go, “Yeah, that sounds like me.”

3. You must deliver on a product or a service so well that folks feel like they got way more than they paid for.

Where are you on these three items?

P.S. For that first one, “people who already want what you have” are those who are already so inclined because of their own values. It’s not those you’ve persuaded against their will, if you know what I mean.

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