To get noticed…

If they don’t sit up and take notice, your business is sunk.

So here’s what it takes: you gotta be different.

What have you tried in your NM business that’s different from the usual?

Yes, different doesn’t guarantee success. But doing the same as everyone else guarantees you won’t be noticed. Who wants to be like an airline where no one cares which one they fly, so long as they get there?

Use comments below. You don’t need a password…or anything else. Just tell what you have done, successful or not, that is different from the same old same old in your business.

P.S. These folks bared all to get people’s attention…

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Kim Klaver


  • One of the things I've done is test and see what works and what doesn't work. Simple concept, I know, but many people do not do it.

    I also believe one way to get someone's attention is to call their name. And you can call their name by using a good headline on a marketing piece, be it online or in print, that gets their attention.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  • I put questions that create curiosity in my email signature. Questions like: "Have you tried a Reverse Auction yet?" or "Will you retire with me next year?" A link to my business follows the question. I look for "can't resist" questions to encourage click-throughs.


  • Ask, Seek, Knock, but do it only with your audience. Like Kim said, if your audience wears a size 7 shoe or is wearing no undergarments, get their attention and you'll be noticed. If you market a solution to a problem, focus your marketing on the problem, but not on the solution.


  • A neat camapaign by Air NZ, and well executed. My only concerns being: that the more nudity is used in marketing the less impact it will have and whilst the idea is simple the attention to detail has to be spot-on otherwise you risk attention grabbing for the nudity and your message could be overlooked.

  • I started a new blog with my exercise buddy who's also in my mlm team. Then, my daughter joined us…then a friend of my exercise buddy….It gives us somewhere to send women and it's women's health issues oriented, especially weight loss and fitness. We're just getting started but we've had some initial success. It's fun–and it motivates each of us to continue working towards our own health goals, too.
    Kate Williams,

  • Here's what's been working for me: I've been attaching product pics to emails and links that put folks right in the shopping cart of my online stores. This gives them a chance to see what I have to offer and it beats sending a plain, old, ordinary post to prospects with the usual links! Try it yourself!

  • I agree, you have to be different and also original. Nothing guarantees success. Improving ourselves, the work we do and never giving up guarantees success.

  • Most of the online business owners nowadays are posting Ads in different free online marketing sites to attract more customers. To make their ad more captivating, they are using effective headlines and subheadings. Meaning, the title of the Ad should be really "catchy". When it comes to the content of the Ad, it should be brief and straight to the point. Customers doesn't want to read an Ad with too much information. It's also advisable to use bold text and or high lite words you want to accentuate. If you can add videos and photos to your Ad, much better! It can make your Ad more fascinating! And most importantly, do not forget to emphasize the benefits of your business.By using these strategies, surely, your AD will really GET NOTICED!

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