Blink Twice If You Like Me

I see fireflies often when I run in the evening. They always make me smile, but I never realized what was going on…

When you see them in the evening, they’re different species that are all rising into the air at the same time. The fireflies in the air are all males. Each species of firefly has their own blinking pattern. And that’s how they find their match-mates

“Down in the grass, females are sitting and observing. They look for flash patterns of males of their own species, and sometimes they respond with a single flash of their own, always at a precise interval after the male’s.”

“Most people don’t realize there’s this call and response going on.”

Way more complex that I’d have guessed. Wonderful piece right here. Reminded me of the challenges we have as buyers and sellers, trying to find each others’ best matched blinking patterns. Hehe.

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