Wanted: Organic foods for babies

Scott asks:

“Do you know any network marketing companies that have products for people who want organic foods for babies? We are expecting a new baby soon…I’ve gone through Ahaho here and didn’t see anything?”

Please post your replies here, if you market such a product, or know of someone who does.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    I’ve been feeding my two daughters these pesticide-free concentrated whole-food fruits & veggies for 18 years and they grew up very healthy no hospital stays or doctor visits, with lots of energy to be productive in school. All the babies in our family enjoy drinking these veggies are happy & satisfied.

    I used to feel like I was sleeping my life away like Rip Van Winkle… Want to know what woke me up?

  • I am sure you will get some info here that might prove helpful.

    With both my babies, I made the baby food from fresh foods. I cooked them and then pureed them myself. No, it is not a network marketing program, but it was good food for baby with no preservatives.

    Congratulations to the new parents!

  • Scott,

    Don’t know of any and would love
    to know. I have a 10 (strike that)
    11 mo old, see pix here

    More importantly, I’ve compiled
    my online resources about vaccinations. I hope you and your
    wife will look into this BEFORE
    she delivers because the fda
    nor anyone can show any safety
    studies on the hep-b vaccine
    given right at birth.

    Remember you can alway vaccinate
    later, but you can never get all
    of it out.

    Here’s the page on my girlfriend’s
    sub page:

    Sorry for the simple page and if
    this is a bit off topic. It is so important to me that I am starting a ‘club’ for parents who’ve decided not to vaccinate their kids and form a support an resource center for each other and soon-to-be parents who want o know more.
    url is
    Anyone goot a membership type webistes?


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