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“We don’t talk solutions.”

“I’m not worried about
the country’s long-term future,”
Mr. Jobs told Mr. Obama,
according to one observer. “This country is
insanely great. What I’m worried about is
that we don’t talk enough about solutions.”
Steve Jobs to President Obama

I feel like that about this industry. It has insanely great potential, but we
don’t acknowledge, much less talk about, solutions to the 95% drop out rate.
What leaders talk about instead, is the “promised land” – as if talking about it
without laying out a clear path, is enough. It’s not.

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Kim Klaver


  • I always like your comments. Customers, and customer satisfaction. I the CEOs of the top 100 MLM companies would listen to you, WOW, what a difference would take place. You’re doing a lot , “they” need to listen; really listen, like sincerely.
    I don’t want to plug the company, but there is a company that is allowing regular customers to get their service free once they find 5 customers. If one is a rep, they only need 3 and it’s free. Sounds like some of the companies are getting it. But there are a lot of gaps in the corporate structure. It’s still company first, reps still seem to be a necessary evil. Thank you for allowing me to give my opionion.

  • SO true. You need to be able to convey reality so people are mentally prepared to invest hard work and money to grow a business (like ANY other business).

    What I am struggling with is how to explain this without scaring people away. Any suggestions anyone?

  • As long as companies can get away with it, they will continue to do so.

    As for the company that Karl is referencing, its primary product is made from soy. Soy protein isolate, to be more specific.

    If you research soy protein isolate, you will find that many experts in the field of health and nutrition are adamantly opposed to the consumption of soy.

    It is a very cheap form of protein that has high profit margins. The priorities of this particular company is profits over health.

    • Paul, maybe you’re right and maybe you’re wrong about which company….I know of a wireless company that offers 5 and your service is free if you’re a customer and 3 makes your service free if you’re a rep; however the company publishes every month the name of the people who qualified during the month for free service (with either 3 or 5 referrals) and the results are not too great, I would even say they are disappointing!
      I think a lot has to do with people being too lazy or too afraid of rejection….

      • Interesting. You are right Paul, it’s the wireless. It really did sound like a great idea from the company side of things. I am considering being a customer; I’m checking it out. I was told to look at the data quality. Sounded like they had a winning idea; ask the customers to promote the product and get their phone service at no cost. Kind of like the finders fee ideas. When some people find out one made money on them, there tends to be a little jealousy, like you made money on me. thanks

        • The company I referenced originally started out as a technology company. They have since branched out into the weight loss arena.

          So they are likely using the same “get three and it’s free” plan for both the wireless and the weight loss divisions.

          Is that correct?

          My point is, stay away from soy. Any company that uses soy in their product is not reputable, in my opinion.

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