What else is hard, annoying, self-esteem crushing and time consuming?

Here goes…fun.

“X is hard. It’s also annoying, self-esteem crushing, and time-consuming. But it can also be amazing, self-confidence boosting, and simply so much fun. X is about more than just finding a partner – it’s a good way to meet new people, work on your social interaction and communication skills, and experience new things.” More here.

No it’s not network marketing they’re talking about. It’s, uh, dating. Another delightful tidbit we can use:

Expecting too much (or anything) on a first date.

Having expectations about a first date almost always leads to disappointment, especially when you’re first diving back into the game when your fear level is high. Avoid this by enjoying the company no matter what they’re like. If it’s great? Great — go out again. If the date totally tanked? Enjoy a bad date for what it is — a great story to tell your friends. Taking the pressure off makes for an enjoyable time, no matter what happens.

I especially like that last tip – a horrible prospect experience gives you a story to tell your friends, and new prospects. Hehehe.

Ready with that first date script, anyone? Post your great reaching out story – of disaster or success – in the Comments below.

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Kim Klaver


  • One time, I called an older prospect and, after asking for permission to proceed, he responded, "Are you from the government?"


    I still chuckle about it to this day!

  • I have to agree with you. Network Marketing is sort of like dating. The self-esteem part is sooo true. I just remember the one thing that I learned from a personal growth workshop. Q.T.I.P. (Quite taking it personally).

    Also, I do remember the coffee story. Pretty good to remember.

    Keep prospecting no matter waht and find success.

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