"The only thing I know how to sell is…"


So says figure skating champion Johnny Weir. Other first rate tidbits:

One of the most important things he has learned in business?

“always be open to people that want to help you.”

About being YOURSELF?

“I think the most important thing that people can remember is to be themselves. It is important for everybody. Everyone needs to have their own vision, and that is the only way to push yourself and make yourself a success. You can’t sit back and wait for somebody to realize how special you are.” More here.

Anyone else ready to be themselves?

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Kim Klaver


  • It's SO much easier to be yourself than someone else.

    Another reason why your teaching on Reaching Out Methods is so effective.

    We're all different. Consequently, our ways of reaching out to our particular marketplace will be different, based on our personality, temperament and skill set.

    Good stuff.

  • Hey, this is Robert. Johnny Weir is absolutely. : It is very much easy to be onself but how many of us do so ? As Weir has mentioned, as I feel, is that we need to showcase ourself, our true self not any artificial one ! Isn't it ?

  • Be yourself. Period.

    If you're not it will shine through and you will come across a 'fake.' You definitely don't want that.

    Another point. If you try to be someone else you will have to keep that up which is exhausting. Remember, it's about attraction marketing.

    There's nothing wrong with picking a mentor (a successful person you look up to.) Learn as much as you can, but stay true to yourself.

    Y'all have a great week!


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