The Most Asinine Pressure?

From Bode Miller, top Olympic skier, today:

“My pressure is to do what I expect of myself,” Miller said. “To go out there and say I have pressure on me to win a medal, that’s the most asinine pressure to put on yourself. It’s not in your control at all. Whereas, my intensity is under my control. … It’s not like you just push the button and go. You’ve got to get the right setup, all your ducks in a row mentally, and let it go.”

Are you putting “the most asinine pressure on yourself”? Making the sale? That’s no more under your control than winning a medal is for Olympic athletes. What you can control is getting the right intensity, and to do that:

“You’ve got to get the right setup, all your ducks in a row mentally, and let it go.” More here.

So your task is to figure out -for your business – how to get the right set up, get all your ducks in a row mentally, and let it go.

And that’s not as easy as it sounds. How do you get the right set up? Or get all your ducks in a row mentally?

Suggestions welcome.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim,

    How do you get the right set up? Or get all your ducks in a row mentally?

    To me; you must build a seemless pipeline like a bobsled track. Once the qualified team member enters the tract it takes them through to the finish. It has to be tested and tweaked to be compatible with your own persona.

    Regarding the ducks in a row mentally: the right mindset developed and cultivated through personal developement and self-belief. No thoughs of unworthiness or inferiority are allowed in the line up.

    I just love the attitude of all these Olympians. Such great inspiration for us all; to set you course and pursue it relentlessly and unwavering.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • #1 You gotta keep your mind on doing what you love.

    Where you're putting pressure on yourself to get sign-ups in an MLM can be just as assinine as putting pressure on yourself to wind an olympic medal.

    If you have a thing that you do that you really love, hopefully you can incorporate that into the way you choose to marketing your MLM business.

    Staying true to what I love is how I keep myself focused mentally, and creativity and organization is what keeps my ducks in a row.

    Because there are so many occurances in my life that pose itself as a negative problem (be it a family stance or financial issue) I find myself having to connect with the time I live in my gift (creativity or activity towards a dream) as taking a leap of faith, trusting in God that even if other things don't seem right, that I am right where I'm suppose to be, and with this faith I aggressively clear away the negative thoughts and fears that are potential insecurities with my happy thoughts…..riding the waves of inspiration that bless me with the confidence I need to simply be.

    Now applying this to an MLM / Online Marketing business; You have to know that what you chose (regardless of the product) is to engage with a company as an independent marketing representative. This means, if you have any real plans of finanical freedom through your current product, that you have just opted to start a marketing business.

    What you must do to succeed is be consistent with your marketing practices and constantly learning how to tweak what you're doing to target your market….and get better and better at it.

    Google is a great engine you can search to get knowledge on any subject…Google University…take advantage of the resource. Know what you want to do, and chase the knowledge so that you'll know what you're doing.

    This will keep you focused and help you achieve the power of having your ducks in a row.

    Dj Will Power of ….blogging at

  • Hi kim.
    This is unrelated, but I can't find it anywhere – and you are my guide to MLM…

    Is there a category list of mlm companies? I'm looking for a product I can get behind, but I want to know if there is something that I might like better.

    So far i've seen and liked "discovery toys" the best, which sells educational toys. This is something I can personally recommend to others.

    Is there such a list
    (like: herbalife, shakley, usana, nuskin – wellness; rainboy, naturerich – home care; prepaid legal,primerica – services) etc?

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