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What’s love got to do with it? For startups, everything

Really neat story about how two guys working to create a social network site failed. Then before totally crashing, they
realized they were not really that in love with
what they were doing. Just before throwing
in the towel, that had a moment of insight.

After 20 minutes of discussion – they
realized what they really loved doing and turned
right around and did that.

Their company has 2.5 million members and is
on pace to bring in $100 million this year in revenue.

Doing a business of your own for the money first,
seems to be destined to fail. Perhaps
the pursuit money doesn’t sustain a person.

Look at MLM –

ALL the pitches are about the money, the fast cars,
the big mansion on the hill…and 95% drop out.

But give someone a cause, like helping others get
over aches and pains without drugs, and they carry
on as if it were a mission from above.  Whether they
earn income or not.  And sometimes, such a person
experiences great financial success as well.

So if things aren’t going well, and you don’t enjoy it,
have a discussion with yourself.  What’s your why?
Is it the one that gets your juices flowing?

Or not?

Rinse and repeat.

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  • yayyyy finally I feeling ok about how I am starting my MLM. It drives me the way I feel with the products and the way I make people feel. Thane I know eventually money will come. It is like over use the money pitch, of course I need money but it really not my motivation. Kim, why I did not discovered you before? hehehehe seriously you are d’bomb!!!

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