100 Customers Present Secrets

“I don’t want to risk my friendships for a few dollars.”

So spoke Lulu.  That’s why, she said,
she decided to do cold market.

Is anyone else here hesitant to ask a friend
to buy something you get paid on, because
you don’t want to risk the friendship for a few dollars?

One way around this is to change the “closing” question.
After you say your piece, try this:

“So anyway Sue, do you know anyone
who might like to know about a product like that?
(OR, “a business like that?”)

If she’s the one, she’ll raise her hand. Or refer someone.
Or maybe the response is, “No I really don’t, but if I think of someone…


The friendship is preserved, and life goes on.

PS More ‘what to say’ tips in the little orange book here.

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