What’s your weight food IQ?

This is a survey I’m running on my “inside whole food nation blog” – and I thought with all the interest in health, nutrition and weight, some of you might like to play.

Want to test your weight food wits?

One reason 80% of Americans are still overweight is because they don’t realize which foods they’re eating interfere with weight loss.

Of course, we all know about ice cream, bon bons, alcohol and fat, sweet lattes. But what about foods that are not as obvious?

You might be surprised because the real story might not agree with what you’ve heard or read. But of course, that would explain why so many folks are still overweight, right? (Even though they’re constantly dieting.)

Two questions below. Five items on each list (list limitation).

Pick the item on each list you think does NOT NOT NOT sabotage weight loss. Everything else – well – it might be keeping you weightier than you want to be.


Results so far here.

(Warning: This survey is secretly designed to introduce some folks to a totally unique weight loss program offered by a nutrition specialist, who also happens to have designed a whole food multi for a company I own part of. She’s had a weight loss practice for 15 years.)

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