What do you "gotta love" to be a success in NM?

“It goes without saying that in order to become a freelance writer, you gotta love writing. But you should also consistently work on sharpening your skills. And how do you do that? Reading well-written articles and blogs is a very good start! This can help you write innovative and appealing content.”

What about network marketing? In order to become a network marketer, do you “gotta” love sales? And “be consistently working on sharpening you skills”? And if not sales, what do you gotta love to make a success of it?

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Kim Klaver


  • I have heard network marketing described as a self development plan with a compensation plan attached. I so agree with that. You must be constantly learning and bettering yourself in order to succeed in network marketing.

    Too many people learned what worked years ago and those things don’t work today. People passed these hypy screaming ways to do the business to their downlines and they passed them to their downlines and so on.

    The whole world is filled with people/companies screaming at us. It’s all around us. It’s in the commercials that are louder than the shows on TV. It’s all over the ads on the internet no matter where you go. It’s in our email inboxes from spammers. It’s on billboards on the side of the highway. It’s everywhere.

    In the past, the loudest got noticed the most. That’s not the case today. You must be committed to changing and adapting with the times. That means “consistently working on sharpening your skills”.


  • Hi Kim
    I think, for me, what has kept me in Networking all these years and having some success is:

    I just love seeing and helping other people be successful .. whatever way they measure it.
    Many many kinds of success can be found in this business…. and I have found many of these.
    I believe one must like people, like talking with them, and want ..for them.. what THEY want,not what I want for them.
    I have not always known this.. I thought and ACTED AS IF I knew what was best for everyone.Not so.

    You said it yesterday…. ” You just don’t get it” should not be in our realm of thought when dealing with our prospective customers or reps or whoever.
    We need and must “Get it!” to be a success in Networking and in life as well.
    I like being a student..even at 76 and am so very grateful for this gift.

    Thanks Kim always.. for all you do for us and especially what you have done for me the past 2 years.

    I am not always writing on the blogs but I read everything from you that comes to me.

    As I am extending my stay in CT to get some specialized Chiropractic Treatment for my back I will work on getting into Dr Heid’s ER class in August when I return home.
    I have been doing some of the tips I heard on her call… the butter one is first one I tried.
    You know.. that works!!!
    Mary Nolan

  • I believe that you need to love marketing and working to help people and develop them. To be truly successful, you need to develop a downline and to do that, you need to develop people who have a desire for a better life.

  • Hi Kim,
    I agree with you.
    Two things have have helped me greatly in MLM, personal growth inside my business and personal life and continued education is sooooooooooo important.
    Thank you Kim for being a shinning beacon.
    I enjoy reading your blogs to get a beat on what’s happening in the industry of MLM.

    Lynn Rothfuss

  • You don’t have to love it you only have to do it to get results. Now, loving it makes it easier and fun but love is not required. Things that used to work still work. People maybe doing them wrong and that would be a reason for failure. Has the market change, yes. Notifying friends and family still works except for those who burned their friends and family (doing it wrong). Advertising still works (except for those that don’t know how). Working leads still works (unless you don’t know what you are doing). Getting presold people to come to you is generally either slow or costly (maybe both). Sure, I believe in always be improving. When was the last time you worked out?

  • Kim …

    In the industry of network marketing …

    You gotta love yourself, first! You’ve absolutely gotta work harder on yourself than you do on your business.

    Secondly, you gotta love building relationships with others. If not, ya better find another niche!

    Awesome post,
    ~Melanie Kissell

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