When people don’t identify with your values…

In an interview yesterday, Barack Obama (running for the democratic nomination for President of the U.S.) was asked about surveys that show fewer Americans identify with Mr. Obama’s values than before:

“We always knew this was an improbable journey,” he said. “We always knew this was hard, and the reason is because we’re trying to do something new.”

It’s easy to cave in and change one’s values under pressure. But you don’t have to if they define who you are. Just do your thing and the matches will come.

It’s OK to be the lone ranger if you believe it and it adds to your life.

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Kim Klaver


  • Your core values define who you are. As “new schoolers”, we are also trying to do something new. I belive our basic values of not bopping people over the head, customers first, niche marketing (calling out the matches to our product or service), will serve us well. No amount of pressure from upline or old schoolers will change my belief. High Ho New School.

  • Hi Kim,

    I try to avoid commenting on blogs that are political in nature.

    Honestly I had wondered why folks were so agitated by Rev. Wrong’s sermons until I heard a couple of excerpts. This Obama sat in that church and listened to that preachers’ bitter prejudices while he was a US Senator. Now as a presidential candidate he has to be more politically correct to get elected so he renounces the man that married him and baptised his kids.

    Sorry Kim, but this is not noble to me, it is hypocritical.

    If the race and the party were switched and similar events transpired, I would feel the same way.

    What’s in the heart,

    Tom Doiron

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