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Does this ‘person-wanted’ description sound familiar?

“We’re not looking for specific skills sets, but rather personality types: positive, hard working, considered, and who believe in doing, not trying.”

It’s actually part of a tech-jobs-available post entitled:
Developers out of school (or not)

Why not ask for someone with computer science skills?

Obviously those skills are easier come by than being “positive, hard working, considered, and who believe in doing not trying.”

Not for nothing our is a challenging business. 🙂

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  • I loved their ad. They WERE calling out who they wanted and did it in a creative, catch way. Skills can be taught. I can teach if the person will do.

    In the famous words of Yoda in response to Luke’s “I’ll try” comment in Star Wars – “Do or do not, there is no try.”

  • Today I was trying to craft just a statement, but I was really trying to niche it…so instead of a general ad, I’m going to be looking to place language-specific ads where those language speakers may be looking for sales positions.

    “Creole speaking sales reps needed. 20-30% commission, no territory restrictions or quotas. Checks cut weekly. Website and toll-free phone number. “

    Fill in any language for creole. I think it will appeal to sales reps who’ve been frustrated with changing quotas and set territories that have limited their income potential.

    I personally don’t want to go for the SAHM who doesn’t want to sell, like so many of NMers do.

  • Actually tech people make great network marketers. My background is a trainer and operations manager for a technology start up firm. Two of my top 10 distributors in my organization also have tech backgrounds and I have a friend in my company that has an organization of thousands of distributors with a computer science background.

    Roosevelt Cooper

  • Yes, I think it’s great to be clear about who and what you are choosing to attract to your organization. I specifically seek people with a great sense of humor and an independent Kick-Booty attitude! I think that’s why they immediately like my web name

  • I love the ad. Those skills are exactly what make someone not only a good employee, but also a good leader, and a great business owner.

    No one wants to follow someone who is negative, haphazard in their work, and doesn’t believe something can’t be done. The also don’t want to work with someone with those character traits.

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