Who can find three unique and interesting ads here?

Here are the current survey results for “Which of these ads works best?

We got two out of three…

Q 1. Most people (87.6%) agreed that a poorly written ad sent to the right market will do better than a brilliantly-written ad sent to the wrong market.

192 out of 219 agree with the advertising gurus: A beautiful ad for golf clubs signed by Tiger Woods will not get you to buy the clubs if you don’t do golf. But an ad for my favorite tennis racquet, no matter how badly written, will get me to tear it out or print it out, for when I’m in the market.

Q 2. 70% agreed with this statement: If what you say or write can easily be used by others (“We’re just the best company around” or “we have the most scientifically advanced product out there”) you won’t sell anything.

Because consumers see or hear the same claims and promises from your competitors. How often do you have to hear that every product is the ‘best’ before you stop listening and get advice from people who actually use it (who are not also selling it)? Most of you got that right, too.

Q. 3 What’s cool and unique about your product –
that’s where we need help.

Look at the current survey results for “126 responses to Q. 3 here (click on ‘show replies’ to display). How many do you see, of all those submitted, that are really unique and attention grabbing?

(Take #7 – “innovative pay plan that no other company has.” How many companies tell their reps that very same thing, and have them repeat it to prospects?) Or mix in the product with selling the business? (#125 – “Our products are revolutionary and simple and easy to use; immediately bio-available, no more pills or powders and they are great samples.”) Plus, jargon makes some of them incomprehensible to anyone not in that company – #110 for example. Oi vey.

Challenge: Who can find three of these that are unique, interesting and could likely NOT be copied by everyone else selling something similar?

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  • Read the results. Here is an important question for everyone.

    Regardless of 87% verses 13% or 70% verses 30%, how do you know which group is correct?

    I'm sitting here pondering, while my viewpoint may be agreeable with the 87% and 70%, how does one know the viewpoint is correct verses being agreeable with a group who holds a majority opinion but yet is incorrect?

    How does one really know, any comments?

  • WOW, going through that list was like going to every bad MLM pitch I have ever been to in one place.

    Here is something that is unique that is not on the list (sorry i didn't have time to answer Q3 when I took the survey) "In just a few minutes you will know it is actually doing something. Don't take my word for it drink this. Would you buy a used car with out taking it for a good test drive?"

  • I didn't respond to this survey because of that last question. It seems to me that the last question is a set up. When you ask "What's cool and unique about your product?" the only thing anyone can come back with is what the company usually teaches the reps to say, which is usually sounds like hype. I don't believe people buy because of what is "cool and unique" about a product, but what the product will do for them. That may be something different for each individual. If we can help a prospect see what the product will do for him/her as an individual we stand a better chance of making a sale.

  • RkymtnGuy:
    There is only one way to know: TEST what you are saying. Try it on 50 people and see what responses you get.

    For the first statement, would you buy something you have no interest in even if the ad is super great?

    If yes, you don't agree with that statement.

    I would not buy those golf clubs no matter what the ad said, because I don't care about golf.

    I would buy a cool tennis racquet no matter what the ad said because I can judge it for myself when I see it. I know tennis and me.

    Given that some 95% of NMers quit, I'd say that not knowing who their market is (they're taught it's everyone) and the hype and promises they are taught to say, contribute more to the failure rate than probably anything else.

    Everyone's product is not the best for everyone. That's just making the sellers who say that look ridiculous. Jargon doesn't sell except to people who know the jargon – and those are already inside the company. Can't sell to each other, right?

  • I think that many of the people who answered question 3 should reread and then read or as i perfer listen to If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell
    It?. We do not all get the point.
    My answer 93 i think is to vauge with the word Decoke, how many 13 years olds know what that is. But i was aiming at a niche market, uk men with Cholesterol problems. I can not put three in the box which are unique, interesting and could likely NOT be copied by everyone else selling something similar?

  • 9. For people who want to leverage their passion for organics and be part of a green, ethical company.

    11. My product is for people who want to lose fat without diet pills and excerise.

    16. For people who have a runny nose every morning

    91. for people who want to drink clean, healthy water and who won't drink water out of plastic bottles that pollute our bodies and our planet….

    I copied four that sounded like unique products, although # 9 doesn't tell me if it's food, skin care or a health product. #11 could be something other companies could say so maybe that's not a good one after all.

    It's not easy but if it was everyone would last at marketing!


  • 99% of these are same crap, different day that every company has been saying for years.

    one got my attention:

    20. we have the only product on the market that stops the spread of cancer cells

    Because I KNOW that anyone making these claims will be shut down in a month by the AMA. Too bad, if it DOES work, they won't be around long enough to promote it with that verbage.

  • Just goes to show "people hate to be sold" so the art of advertising is to get the buyer to want it and to sell themselves!

  • I agree with #3. Too many people focus on the products and comp plan; honestly I don't really care about that as long as I can build a team and move products and the company stays in business; that's what matters. Give me a leader that can mentor me all the way to the top; not the best juice!

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