Present Secrets

Who NOT to sponsor…

Anyone who tells you up front:

I don’t want to sell.
I don’t use the Internet that much.I don’t like tech much.
I don’t know anyone.
I don’t have a list.
I don’t have time.

This is their way of telling you – for now – “No thanks.”
Accept it, no stress, no judgement. And move on.

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,
    I am so glad I’ve learned the “Say No First” technique from you this past year. It has given me such a confidence in conversations with people I meet who say what you listed above. Before, I used to try and convince them or probe and waste time, energy (including fuel) and money not to mention opportunity I could have more wisely invested to find people who would do the work. Like the late Amway superstar Bill Britt used to say, let those people stay where they are in their hourly jobs. Champions still need letter carriers and garbage collectors and grocery store managers and financial planners.

  • Great comment Gilbert. I am not offended or upset in any way when someone says no because they have saved me time, effort and investing further $’s in them – I have also been saved from having someone in my team that would be a drag, do nothing and then drop out because ‘nothing happened’ for them. I’m proud of my business and value it highly as a ministry through which to reach so many others for good – I want good people who will treat their business within my organization with the same value and esteem.

  • We are each entitled to choose our own destiny. Sometimes it seems I can see a better road . . . but if the other person cannot or chooses not to see it, then they simply are not ready. Their choice is the status quo, regardless of how good or bad that may be.

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