Who’s Most Repressed in NM?

“Is it time for the emancipation of ______?”

Let’s see if there’s agreement on who’s most repressed in the NM business.

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I’ll post the results after the first 50 responses. After all, if enough folks
agree certain group’s ideas are repressed and ridiculed, its time for
their emancipation. Don’t ya think?


Results so far here.  Click “Show Replies.” Enlightening, think?

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Kim Klaver

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  • That’s a great question, Kim. It will be interesting to see what your readers come up with as an answer.

    In my experience, it is the big producers who get most of the attention and active help. In many ways, that is only natural — upline, especially, should be spending most of their time with the folks who do the most. But, with small verbal digs and unreturned phone calls and Facebook messages, the low-volume folks often are given the impression that their business isn’t much appreciated.

    I think a lot of hot-shot recruiters have little empathy for those who have a hard time mastering that skill. It’s too bad, but we’re left to figure it out on our own. Many do and shine over the long run, but many more probably drop out and bad-mouth the profession.

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