“Winners never quit; Quitters never win.” Bah humbug.

I’ve always felt something wasn’t right about that glib, self-righteous sounding statement.

Winners often quit. They quit doing A and do B – sometimes with great success.

In building any business there will be hardships and obstacles one never expected.
And if you love it enough, you put up with the hardships. Kind of like you keep your kids
even when they really drive you batty.

But if you don’t love the thing you’re doing enough to deal with the hardships, a sane person quits.
And does something else.

It’s just in the network marketing (mlm) business, every recruiter makes light of what it takes
to make it, so newbies have no idea what they’re getting into.  For these same recruiters
to then pepper the poor newbies with this pompous “Winners never quit; Quitters never win.”
song and dance is unforgivable.  Instead of helping people, they’re hurting them.


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